Daily Rosary during Holy Week

I have been praying the Rosary daily for several months. Since the Thursday service, Jesus has been gone. It was so apparent at last nights Good Friday service: no Holy water, the empty Tabernacle, etc. I prayed the Sorrowful Rosary yesterday, but wasn’t sure what most people did at the end of Holy Week.
I would appreciate any comments on what is customary and/or what others who pray the Rosary daily do.

I pray three sorrowful mystery chaplets, one on each day of the Triduum.

Aside from the traditional Rosary, which I recite daily, I also recite the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. It is particularily approrpriate during the Triduum as well as during September near the Exultation of the Cross.

I say the Rosary daily always, I change the Joyful Mysteries during the Holy week. I also add the prayer to St Michael and St Joseph. I am familiar with the Seven Sorrows and have prayed it. I was born on Sept 15th.

I would say that we are celebrating the Holy Week with remembrance and that Jesus is in heaven as we speak. I would think that He was in the tomb 2000 years ago but is in heaven now.

Mass puts us at the foot of the Cross but Holy Week does not put Jesus back in the tomb on Saturday, we are merely celebrating and remembering it as our redemption. I don’t think that it is happening all over again, over and over every year, that is what the Protestants confuse the Mass as being, a re-Crucifixion over and over again, which is wrong.

Not praying to Jesus because today is Holy Saturday? It would seem to me to be an incorrect assumption as to what is actually going on and that Jesus rose 2000 years ago, we are going through the celebratory aspects related to it as a past event made present, not a truly present reality. Not praying to Jesus because we assume He is actually in the tomb now, I think, would be incorrect.

Thanks everyone for the comments & suggestions. I just want to clarify for the post from LA. I do know Christ is still risen, but the walk through Lent & Holy Week has been a time for contemplation & reflection of our Lord’s Passion. When I said Jesus was gone, I was referring to the symbolic ways it is represented i.e. The altar is stripped, the Holy Water is missing etc. It made me personally contemplate what would life without our Savior be like & be even more thankful for His presence in our world & my life.
As the Rosary mysteries that are traditionally rotated daily, during Lent the Sunday mystery was changed during Lent to the sorrowful one, on Holy Saturday, I felt like it might be odd to pray the Joyful mystery on this day.
I am a new Catholic :thumbsup: & was just looking for some guidance from those who use this sacramental.
The Rosary was one of those things that I did not understand coming from a Protestant background. I knew it was important though because many wise Catholics speak of it. So I dove in & have been praying it daily with the help of some scriptural rosary MP3 tracks I found online & a Rosary app that helps me remember which one to pray.
It has been a very powerful experience in bringing me closer to Christ :slight_smile:

Again, thanks everyone for your kind help.

I did stick with the normal schedule, and I prayed the Joyful Mysteries on Holy Saturday. It was very moving. I kept thinking about how Jesus’ whole life was leading up to the cross, even during the joyful times in His life. I considered changing to the Sorrowful Mysteries, but I think the Joyful Mysteries actually gave me even more to ponder on that special day.

Very cool:thumbsup: