Devotions for different days of the week

I read about the devotion to the Holy Face that was given to Bl. Sr. Pierina that is associated with Tuesdays. Does anyone have a list of devotions that are associated with other days? For example what is for Monday, Wednesday,etc. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know if there is a specific list of devotions for each day, but at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York they have this schedule of daily devotions that take place in the chapel:
Monday: Devotion to the Miraculous Medal
Tuesday: Pray the Rosary
Wednesday: Evening Prayer
Thursday: Pray the Rosary
Friday: The Litany of the Sacred Heart

These could be done on any day, but maybe a church near you has something like this if you’re interested in participating in a set devotion each day.

From Fisheaters:
Resurrection & the Holy and Undivided Trinity

The Holy Ghost & the Souls in Purgatory

The Holy Angels

St. Joseph

The Blessed Sacrament

Christ’s Passion and His Sacred Heart

The Blessed Virgin and her Immaculate Heart.
And even though you didn’t ask:
January — The Holy Name and Childhood of Jesus
February ---- The Holy Family
March ---- St. Joseph
April ---- The Blessed Sacrament
May ---- Mary
June ---- Sacred Heart of Jesus
July ---- The Precious Blood
August ---- Immaculate Heart of Mary
September ---- Seven Dolours (Sorrows) of Mary
October ---- The Holy Rosary (and, less formally, the Holy Angels)
November ---- Poor Souls in Purgatory
December — The Immaculate Conception

Thank you, Bruised Reed. I’ve been wondering about this, also.