Difference between reverend and priest?

HI! Im new here . I would like to know the difference between a reverend and priest? Can someone explain to me?
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As far as I know, there is very little. The term “Priest” is used almost exclusively by the Catholic Church. As far as I know, no other christian denomination uses the term. Instead, most use “pastor” or “reverend”, for what is typically the same position. So, I think it is the same job, but with a different title depending on denomination.

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one more question
what does CMF and CPPS stand for?? they are after the Father’s names?? thanks again for the time to answer my Q :smiley: :smiley:

CMF is an abbreviation indicating the Claretian religious order. C.PP.S. indicates a member of the Society for the Precious Blood. There’s a good list at fisheaters.com/religiousorderabbreviations.html

In case you’re wondering why not all priests use these initials, it’s because not all priests belong to religious orders. Most priests are diocesan – they work within a diocese and look to the bishop as their authority.

Religious priests (like religious sisters and brothers) take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They belong to a particular order such as the Jesuits, Franciscans, Claretians, etc.

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I was told that Reverend is the official title of a priest, My parish priest has all his mail addressed as Rev. Jim *** and when he signs checks for the parish its Rev. Jim ***.

“Priest” actually designates one of the Holy Orders. There are essentially three: Deacon, Priest, and Bishop. In biblical language, a priest would be a presbyter.

But the title, at least in English, for a priest is “Reverend,” as in “Reverend Smith”. (You can call him Father Smith, but that’s an unofficial title.)

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You’re not wrong. I was just further refining the distinction. Must be my bureaucratic background.

Actually I think the Anglicans use the term priest as well.

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A priest is a man whose soul bears a “mark” received through the laying on of hands at his ordination. He is a priest forever, according to the order of Melchisidek. Even if he were to be unfaithful to his vows and be “defrocked” (it becomes illegal for him to perform priestly functions) he still has the power to loose and bind sins, confect the Eucharist, give the Sacrament
of the Sick, etc. He is changed forever, he forever has authority and power proper to that change.

A Reverend in, say, the Baptist Church, is clearly not even seen by them, let alone by Catholics, in the same way. I know men who have been “ordained” (Catholics mean something different by the word than Protestants) to serve in Protestant denominations who go in and out of service, depending on their circumstances.

As others here have noted, the courtesy title of “Reverend” is the official way of addressing a Catholic priest, so when sending a Christmas card it is proper to address it to Rev. Joe Jones; one could also write, less formally, Fr. Joe Jones.