Help… I am looking for copies of this title.

It was published by TAN in both hard cover and soft cover. They are out of stock and won’t re-publish for a number of months.

Ignatius has this title in a 4-vol set (due to some kind of copyright problems), but it is just not the same in appearance.

I will pay any shipping etc. And I really perfer the hard cover. Thanks


Did you try amazon.com?

started to… but I just finished calling about 20 catholic book stores looking for stock… noavail.


yep… amazon has some… calling them collectible at $ 2-300 and up. Too bad they don’t know that Tan is due to republish in a couple months at $48 or so.

$ 2-300 whoa…thats a lot.

Hope you find them :slight_smile:

I had a copy but am not sure if I still do if I find it this weekend its yours. But I must warn you I have a houseful and it may take me months to find it but I will attempt this weekend.

wow… the NewYorkStockExchange never had a public offering this good… many blessings.

Ok don’t kill me and avoid my posts forever. I saw your excitement so went through my thousands of religious books and found Intimacy with Jesus written by Louis Marie Parent. I was sure I had the book. But I think I was mistaken. I will look again this weekend just in case. Sorry for the disappointment.

http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_1_4.gif but, I’ll be okay… I think… maybe… later… maybe tomorrow,… someday…

I will pray to St. Anthony that someone else has it for you!:yup: