Do eggs break Friday abstinence?

I didn’t know if they count as meat or not.

Thanks and God bless!

Okay, what is Friday abstinence?

When I hear abstinence I tend to think of abstaining from sex, so I’m a little confused here.

Abstaining from meat.

In the West the Fasting Rule for Wednesdays and Fridays included abstinence from both meat and dairy but eventually the abstinence from dairy products was removed. I don’t believe Westerners have observed Fasting on Wednesdays for some time either. In the modern Roman Catholic Church fasting has been all but removed as a spiritual discipline and all that is left is the feeble abstinence rule for meat on Fridays.

Long story short ‘no’ dairy is not conflated into the abstinence from meat.

Maybe I’m the wrong person to attempt to answer that question.

But, the Roman Catholic Church now offers a choice of “Meatless Friday” or another act of penance…

If you in good faith are giving up anything that has had fur or feathers prior to being butchered, the eggs would not fall into the category of meat… However, the egg is a potential chicken, if it were fertilized… Most of the eggs you buy have never been that close to a roster, so no fertilization = no chicken so no meat.

However, if you wish to include eggs in your list of foods to avoid on Friday I’m sure you will gain from it…

People fast for many spiritual reasons… The best reason is that fasting helps us hear the “Voice of God”

In the Roman Catholic Church, even on those days when abstinence from meat is still strictly required (Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and the Fridays of Lent), eggs are still permitted.

This comes down to your devotion…the church only requires (not to eat meat…but restraining from egg and dairy also like it use to be done can be a very pious action

Nope. Eggs and dairy products are quite OK on days of abstinance. So is seafood. The idea is not to eat meat that had hot, red blood in it at one time.:slight_smile:

Many Catholics still choose to abstain EVERY Friday, even if it is no longer a requirement. Others may choose to abstain other days of the week for various reasons. I myself, as part of my 1221 lifestyle, abstain Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.