Do you believe in Guardian Angels? Do you pray to your Guardian Angel and have you named Him? Do you have stories about your Guardian Angel? And a Poll

My dear friends

Soon after I found my church I learnt I have a Guardian Angel and pray to Him every day many times. I pray for lots of things I need. Even help finding a parking spot before I arrive at my destination. At times it’s been uncanny how I get parking spots. Especially at the busiest times like Christmas shopping. I always pray that I greet the Guardian Angels of others each day. And I often pray to peoples Guardian Angels when I come into contact with them. I pray to the Guardian Angel of every parish I’m in when I’m in church, and all the Holy Angels guarding the Blessed Sacrament. They are very Blessed Spirits, they are Angels of Love. Their job is to assist us continually and their sole desire is to help us become very loving people, saints. I named my Guardian Angel before I knew much and that it should be a male name. But Angels are spirit and no gender anyway. My Guardian Angels name is Lisa. If you want to get on well with me be nice to my Guardian Angel.

What are your stories and have you named your Guardian Angel?

My website about the Holy Angels is if you want more info on them.

Do the poll too please?

God bless you all:thumbsup::slight_smile:

I do believe firmly in guardian angels - and often ask my angel to pray with me, or help me with different things. I try to make sure to thank my angel as well, for the good that happens to me.

I’m not fond of the practice of naming angels. Our angels have names already, names given them by God. It seems a bit insulting to impose a name chosen by yourself (and that’s the most we can ever hope to do) upon them - as if they are your pet or your child or something, rather than independent beings.

Would you like someone insisting on calling you day in and day out by a name that is not your own? I doubt it. As for male names - piffle. Angels are not male nor female, but disembodied and genderless spirits. There’s no reason why preference should be given to male names, or indeed why you should call them anything other than ‘my angel’ or ‘my guardian angel’.

I believe in guardian angels and I should pray to my guardian angel more often.

My dear friend Lily

I agree that angels are neither gender but spirits. It’s probably that they often appear in male form that many name them that way. I never changed from Lisa because I got so used to the name, like the name and see nothing wrong with it at all. It’s good to get on a first name basis with your Guardian Angel because it really helps build a solid friendship. They are our best friends on our journey you know. Their job is to watch over us and help us night and day. It’s much easier to have a dialogue with someone if your on a first name basis and to foster a relationship. I’m sure the blessed angels don’t mind us naming them. They are probably over the moon when we do because of the reasons explained. In any case we should try to pray to our Holy Angels often and especially when we need them. Pray to honour and thank them too.

May God bless you and keep you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

My dear friend Holly

He’s your best friend here. Get to know him. Ask for all the things you really need big and small. And showing gratitude is a good idea too. I hope my advice is useful.

May God bless you and keep you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

I believe in Guardian Angels and love mine. But, we shouldn’t name our guardian angels. The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments discourages this practice:

Popular devotion to the Holy Angels, which is legitimate and good, can, however, also give rise to possible deviations. . .The practice of assigning names to the Holy Angels should be discouraged, except in the cases of Gabriel, Raphael and Michael whose names are contained in Holy Scripture.

Source: Directory on popular piety and the liturgy. Principles and guidelines


A friend of mine also argues that it is inappropriate to assign a name to our guardian angel: Naming your guardian angel

Another AMEN!

My dear friend

Good points. Lisa doesn’t seem to mind though.

May God bless you and keep you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

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When I meet my guardian angel, I will surely hug him. :hug1: He was there all the time, by my side, when I used to ride my bike dangerously fast in traffic, and I believe it was he who saved me from many accidents, some of which were really close calls. Now I don’t ride my bike that way! :slight_smile:

I too do not like “naming” your guardian angel but mine I refer to more by job description. SPEK- doesn’t even have a smooth sound like you would think an angel shoud have. Well,hopefully S-traight P-ath with E-ven K-eel will guide my steps to the Master. nannyma

Are guardian angels Catholic Church teaching?

So, where is the guardian angel of people who do die in accidents?

John, maybe you would be interested in this book :slight_smile:

I definitely do believe in Guardian Angels. I’m very thankful that we have them :slight_smile:

and yes, it is Catholic teaching. It’s based on Scripture, where it says that God has assigned angels to watch over us.

I pray to my Guardian Angel when I remember, sometimes several times a day. Sadly many times I forget about him though. I don’t think I’ll be giving him a name if the Congregation for Divine Worship is skeptical of it… (maybe they’re skeptical just because there can be a lot of abuses. Doesn’t mean there always are abuses though.)

I love the stories about the Saints and the angels…

like how St Gemma Galgani would recite the Psalms together with her Angel. :slight_smile:

I believe that my Angel saved my life on several occasions and I’m sure there’s so much that they do that we don’t even know about. I’d love to meet my Angel someday.

I haven’t named my guardian angel, and it’s not really one of the devotions I practice. That said, the logo for my business is a little smiley with a halo and wings (see below), and I have named the logo Frankie after Bl. Francisco Marto, whom I ask to watch over my business with his sister Bl. Jacinta and Our Lady.

What part of the Catechism explains this belief?

I was just thinking the same thing. So, if you get injured/killed, your guardian angel hasn’t being doing their job, right? So it’s not your fault. If you do get away with it - your guardian angel is smokin that day, and it’s nothing to do with your skill, luck and judgement.

Doesn’t seem right to me somehow :confused:

And id someone does get killed, is that because their guardian angel is incompetent, or has God called them back as your time is up!!

Where’s the guardian angel of the hundreds of thousands of children that suffer cruelty, abuse, hunger, beatings and torture… :confused:

And a third Amen! I learnt about Guardian Angels from my very devout aunts years ago and never ever heard of the practice of naming them until recently. It seems to me to follow along the trend of giving pets people-like names and treating them like human babies. An angel is a powerful spirit doing God’s bidding, not a pet. And even though our guardians are very solicitious of us, they are not “buddies”.

I pray a lot to my Guardian Angel. I don’t name him/them (I’ve heard on Mother Angelica that we may have more than one if God sees fit) because I’ve read for a long time now it’s not prudent to do so. I’ve actually said to myself if they want to be named, I will think of one spontaneously. It has never happened, and even when I’ve thought to myself what would I name my Guardian Angel if I could, I can never think of a name. Yet, I spontaneously think about things I should not all the time and have to work hard getting them out of my head, so I think God is telling me something - namely “Don’t name your Guardian Angel! I’ve already done that and you’ll find out someday what that name is.”

For me, knowing that the evil one presents himself as an “angel of light” to “channelers” in the New Age movement and names himself all different sorts of names, he can certainly take advantage of someone who names their Guardian Angel if they are not careful. New Agers abound in my area and I’m sure if I named mine I’d start hearing from New Age friends that an angel named (insert whatever I’d name them here ) “___” was just channeled the other day. I’d be lured into that trap set by the evil one. So I stay away from naming Angels. If one day a name pops in my head, I’d reject it because of the above scenario. God knows I’m content just knowing I have one, so I pray to them without a name. They know I’m directing prayer to them.

…just my own thoughts.

God Bless,

I don’t understand the theology behind praying to angels. If they’re spiritual agents of God, then don’t they simply do what God wills of them?