Do you believe miracles happen in modern times?

Years ago, I left home and moved out West. I was introduced to a family from the parish where I attended. The family was very active in the Church. One day, the mother wasn’t feelig well. She went to the doctors for a check up. The doctor found a lump on her breast and she had to undergo surgery. When the doctor opened her up, he found that it was cancerous and had spread to far. He closed her up and gave her the bad news. She had less than 3 months to live. The family was shocked at the news. This family had a deep devotion to St. Raphael the Archangel. There house and family was dedicated to him. They began a Novena for a cure. Three months later the mother made a visit to her doctor. The doctor couldn’t believe she was still alive. Thirty years later , she is alive and still kicking.
In the Middle Ages, miracles were looked upon as normal everyday existence. In modern times , people are astonished when they hear a story of a miracle. I guess it all comes down to this . In modern times we lack the faith. We rely to much on science and when science fails us we give up hope. Men need to change and return to the practice of their faith.

Most assuredly. I was very dehydrated and sick when I was a pre-teen and was not getting better, went to the ERl and they gave me medicine and said I could have died, the ER never figured out what it was. The doctors told me it would take three weeks for me to recoup from that and I would have to stay in Bed and take medicine.

Well we went home and Sunday came along my mom went to Church and they prayed for me, which I didn’t know at the time. When my Mom came home I was sitting up drinking from a cup without a straw (I only could drink from a straw) and feeling 100%. The next day we went to the Doctors and he couldn’t believe it, he got the report from the ER and I should have been laying down and not feeling good and not 100%. He released me to goto school the next day and said that I didn’t appear to have been sick at all.

That happened before I became Catholic and one of many miracles that happened to me.

Men need to change and return to the practice of their faith.


Most certainly, miracles do still happen. :yup:
He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. :bowdown2:

I most certainly do. This past May my Grandma was healthy as could be then one day she fell at home and had to be rushed to the hospital. At that hospital she was at said that she had a massive stroke. That wasn’t the case and she was flown to another hospital where she was diagnosed with having a brain anuerysm. She spent 40 days in the hospital. There were time we thought she wouldn’t make it. Afterward she was told that she would have therapy 4 days a week and less than a month she was done with therapy. I consider it a miracle that she’s even alive. If my step-grandpa hadn’t been home and called the EMS and the hospital care so excellent she wouldn’t be here. She has extreme faith in the Lord, that is why she is still here with us.

Absolutely!! The Red Sea didn’t part, but on a personal level. I can attest to it. Miracles aren’t always instantaneous. Sometimes they take a while.

Yes I believe in miracles very much in modern times! I’ve seen several of them happen and it could have only been through the Hand of God. There is simply no other answer.

Without God some things are possible.

With God nothing is impossible, for God can do it all!

Sure! For those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, miracles happen all the time.

Everyday! :slight_smile:

Yes. I’ve experienced numerous miracles.

YUP :yup:

It’s just so sad that most people seem to busy to notice :juggle:

Like was said above - God is the same yesterday, today, and forever :signofcross:

Faith is the answer, what is your question? :thumbsup:



My brother stopped practicing and married a non-catholic 19 years ago. My sister-in-law had been to Midnight Mass and a funeral Mass with us. She proclaimed it “too weird” and did not go back. They have two daughters 18 and 14. They tried several different Christian churches but never one they were happy with. I never pushed, but I prayed.

Suddenly in the Spring of 2006, she expressed an interest. I told her I would let her know when the RCIA classes started and offered to go with her and my brother. SHe said she would go but wasn’t making any promises.

We went, she was received into the Church and my brother made a Profession of Faith at the Easter Vigil in 2007 and they haven’t missed a Mass since.

On Sept. 20, my 14-year old neice will be received into the Church and my brother and sister-in-law will have their marriage convalidated.

Now that’s what I call a miracle:) .

Just got to work on that 18 year old!

Thank You, I needed that story of hope.

First,Miracles were not ever taken for granted as everyday happenings.middle,late or around the corner ages…so many new agers like to ridicule our ancestors…they believed in a flat world,witches etc etc. We all have a guardian angel…the trick is to listen to this messanger from God…Acquinas called it an 'enlightened conscience"I delivered a speech titled
’ Co-incidence or …" and I related the various happenings down thru the years that happened to me…this opened up more of the same from the audience at the feedback session. Example: reading in an obit and man dies…marine vet…returning home he built up the boy scouts in town…I write a note and go to the house to leave it in the mail box…it just did not seem right…next morning I mail it at the post office …in the letter was a copy of a local paper back in 1947 relating this story of him and the scouts…I complimented him etc…going from the PO to a local fish market ,in 5 min.leaving the fish market I get into my car…wait my turn to leave the lot…follow the third car …up to the light…on the rear bumper of the car in front of me a sticker “Support the Boy Scouts” I smiled …I had my answer,my letter ,(I just scribbled my name,did not want an answer) was appropriate indeed…I had never seen such a bumper sticker before that day…co-incidence or not…there is the time…

About 20 years ago I witnessed a medical miracle. The events are documented in the medical records, not as a miracle, but the correlation is clear. I was working in the ICU taking care of a patient who was, to put it bluntly, dying, and we were expecting him to code at any time. His blood pressure was in the 50’s and 60’s, he was on a ventilator, he was comatose, his lungs were filling with fluid, and his kidneys were no longer making any urine. His heart rate was also slowly dropping. He had at least 7 or 8 IV’s going, with the most potent drugs we had to bring up his blood pressure, he was in a profound state of shock, and he was cold. He had so many tubes that it was hard to find him. Any ICU nurse will know what I mean. Nothing we did made a difference, and I had been titrating these drugs upward for hours.

A priest came into the unit. He was the new priest in my parish. He said he had been called to anoint a person, but could not locate the patient, was there someone who had called for an anointing? I said “No, but there is a patient who could use one.” The priest anointed the patient, noted it in the records, and left. (He had first spoken with the family). I went to lunch and left him in the care of another RN. I came back from lunch, and the RN reported to me that the man’s BP had improved, and she had started to wean down some of the drugs. The rest of the shift I spent weaning these drugs down, because his BP had improved so greatly, and his kidneys started to produce urine. My head nurse commented to me about the change in the man’s condition after the Anointing. I went home and was off the next day, and when I returned to work the man was off the ventilator, sitting up in a chair, talking, with only 1 IV running. He was transferred out of the unit the next day. I could hardly believe my eyes! This patient’s quick recovery amazed more than a few people.

That weekend I went to Mass and this priest was there. I told him of the patient’s improvement after the anointing and he said “That Sacrament works, you know” and proceeded to tell me about other times he had given the Sacrament and the people got better. He was very matter-of fact about it, but I was amazed. But this is the clincher…The priest said he could not find the patient he was supposed to anoint in the first place, because he was in the WRONG HOSPITAL!!!:eek:

This priest (I don’t remember his name) apparently had a healing gift, but he was only with our parish a few months. He was a very cerebral-type fellow and parish life was just not his calling, I guess, because he left and joined a monastary. I hope he still uses this gift to the glory of God, but I do not know and probably never will.

I have another medical miracle story involving a friend of mine, but this post is already too long

Thanks for your reply. I once heard from an old priest that most of those he anointed even those on their deathbed completely recovered. We lack such faith in these times to realize the great blessings we have in our midst. Thanks again.

                                       Philip Schwebs

Absolutely, and I’m sure I’ve had one or two happen even in my own life.

CB Catholic

What a great heartwarming message filled with hope and love. Thank you for sharing.

The Church just in the last several years has declared that miracles have recently occurred, miracles which were required to beatify or canonize a variety of people. So it would be difficult for a Catholic to say that miracles are not occurring, when you think of it. And these miracles generally ocurred to quite ordinary people, just like people who have posted here.

Yes, I believe miracles still happen. They happen as many have described on this thread. But the most awesome miracle that takes place in our daily lives is the miracle of Transubstantiation which takes place at each mass wherein Jesus changes the bread and wine into his Body and Blood for us as our food of eternal life.
Prayers and blessings
Deacon Ed B

Absolutely, miracles happen. I attend daily mass and I am in the midst of all the time. Also every time a baby is born, it’s a miracle. God is good and His power and glory is a miracle for each of us to share.