Do You Cover All of Your Hair

Sorry for another head covering thread, but I’m not sure what the answer is to this one. I’ve started using a headband that looks similar to this picture:

My hair is long so it is visible in back just like the photo. So before Vatican II, was hair allowed to be shown like this? Thanks for any information.

That is quite lovely looking.
Myself, I wear a tiny circle of lace on top of my head, or a long, black or white lace mantilla.:slight_smile:

Before Vatican II, hats were much more common than veils, at least in the US. There was not attempt to cover all of the hair. Even when veils came into fashion (1960s – thanks to Jackie O), most young girls wore chapel veils which were just a small circle of lace on top of their heads.

Pre Vat II I often just wore say a 2 inch headband or a big bow (sometimes a tissue). In school we had to wear a beanie or a beret. There was no law that said your hair couldn’t show. Everyone showed their hair.

Wonderful! I didn’t know if it was just my head that needed to be covered or my hair with also. Thanks so much for your responses.:slight_smile:

Of course!!! It is a very pretty headcovering. Old crows like me cover up more because I cut my long hair when I discovered I was no longer young. Nothing says you cannot wear a hat to church but those ridiculous “fascinators” are probably pushing the boundaries of what is and what is not appropriate.

I only cover when in church for Mass, Confession, etc.

Otherwise, I don’t cover my head in secular settings.