Do you "have" to wear the scapular, or can I just

I have the scapular and usually put it in my pocket for the day, or tuck it inside my shirt, but never wear it around my neck. Okay, world’s silliest question: do you think that it matters that I’m not actually wearing it like you’re supposed to? I still have it on me, but just don’t like that little flap stuck against my neck… does it still “count” that I “wear” one, even though it is in my pocket or shirt pocket? I know, silly question, but just wondering.

Depends on the scapular. The Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, aka the Brown Scapular, which I assume you are talking about is not required to be worn or carried with you at all once you are properly enrolled. You do however have to wear the appropriate medal in its place.

Other scapulars require you to wear them, under the shirt against th skin. Actually the whole purpose of having the scapular made of wool is so that it does irritate the skin a tiny bit and in theory have you think about it and what it represents.

Still other scapulars can be carried in your pocket, billfold or purse.

Glad to see that That some people still use them. :thumbsup:

Palmas gave a good answer, but I just wanted to add one thing. Scapular’s are essentially minature habits (like a monk would wear), which have a component that hangs in the front and back. Wearing as such it would be in the true spirit of the scapular. :slight_smile:

When not properly worn, they tend to take on the role of an amulet or good luck charm. Just having it near, rather than using it with humility and obedience.

My nephew wears one round his ankle.

When not worn properly, the wearer is essentially saying, “I want the benefits, without doing my part”. They want the protection, but don’t want the inconvenience, or to have to be caught being holy. But it is not the scapular that brings the protection, it is the obendience, faith and practice which it symbolizes. If not used as ordered, the sybolism is empty.

Also, wearing them improperly is a poor sign to non-Catholics,and non chatechized Catholics and leads to the idea that Catholicism if a faith of superstitions. That the wearing or having them close (or hiding them in someone’s belongings) is what matters…not the beliefs, obedience and practice of faith.

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I wear the scapular medal of Our Lady of Mt.Carmel around my neck. But when I am about to walk around in an area where I can be victimized by a snatcher or a mugger, I do take it off from my neck and keep it somewhere else.

It’s always been my impression that the scapular must be worn about the neck.

However, if this is a problem, then get the scapular, and then have a priest bless a scapular medal for you, and wear the scapular medal instead.

But, don’t wear the scapular, except about the neck.


myself, i prefer to wear my Mount Carmel scapular all the time, except for when i shower. but that’s me.

I wear my scapular of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, all the time except when I’m sleeping.

However, when I first started to wear it, I found that the one with the cloth cord always ended up with the front scapular around my through, just below my adams apple. So, I changed to the scapular with the chain instead. It works better for me and also last longer. I’ve broken and worn out several of the cloth cord type scapulars.


You are correct that the scapular (Brown) needs to be worn around the neck, with one piece in front and one in back, like a miniature habit.

I prefer to wear the cloth Scapular as it makes me think of our Blessed Mother and how I should be behaving, but, if you wish you can wear the Scapular medal instead.

Medal Scapulars shouldn’t be substituted for the Clothe Scapular without good reason (e.g. military service, or in the case of someone I know being a lifeguard). The Medal Scapular doesn’t have the same benefits (i.e. no indulgence for kissing it).


What other Indulgences can you get from the Brown Scapular? After doing some research I think I want one. Where can I go find one?

I’ve been curious about this for a long time, and I hope this isn’t a really stupid question. :o The picture in this link shows novices of a religious order whose habit includes a blue scapular. It is worn on the outside of the rest of their habit, and doesn’t look in any way uncomfortable. Why are the scapulars for laypeople supposed to be worn under the clothing and be itchy?

Catholic book and gift shops usually have Brown Scapulars. Also, Catholic catalogs.

Some groups offer a free Brown Scapular (usually not of the best quality, but you can start with it if you like).

Just google “Free Brown Scapular”, or “Brown Scapular” to learn more.

Are you sure? I know quite a few Catholics who wear the scapular under their regular shirt, but outside their undershirt, I wear mine under my T-shirt for the reasons you noted, but I was not aware it was a requirement.:confused:

The Green Scapular for cures and conversions need not tbe worn around the neck.

I do wear the brown scapular and have been enrolled. I also have pinned a green scapular to my backpack… which I carry around with me kind of as my prayer bag (having Bible, Divine Office, rosaries, etc. in it). Is it ok to wear the “Green Scapular” in this way?
Also, not to get scruulous about this, but is it in keeping with the Brown Scapular devotion to remove your scapular while sleeping, showering, and running (different events, not at the same time, that is). Exercise with the scapular can lead to sweat damage.

Oh cool, because after doing some research, I noticed that you can be enrolled to be a Carmellite to recieve/wear the scapular and still recieve the blessings from God. I am assuming you have to be enrolled to get the full benefit from it?

The brown scapular’s promise is: “Whosoever dies wearing this scapular shall not suffer eternal fire”. So you should be careful during those times (not that it should be a problem if you live a moral christ like life - don’t just assume that you’ll go to heaven because you wear a scapular. It could fall off, it could burn off, it could be supernaturally removed in one of these ways).


P.S. I don’t take mine off :smiley:

I forgot where I read it but I know that if you have a brown scapular made of 100% wool with which you have been invested by a priest you get an indulgence every time you kiss it reverently. I kiss mine from habit sometimes, love other times, and to avoid temptation as well so I’m hoping at least to get a fraction of the indulgences that would come if I were to receive one for every kiss. :slight_smile:


I wear mine on the outside of my clothes. I don’t do it necessarily to avoid any irritation, but to show people I am wearing it and my devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. In fact - that is part of the reason why medal scapulars are discouraged - they aren’t as obvious a sign as the cloth ones.