Does a godparent need to be confirmed?

Hi all!

We’re 16 weeks and counting…

I know that my sister really wants to be the baby’s godmother…however, she was never confirmed. Must she be confirmed to our baby’s godmother?

Practically speaking, I know that confirmation classes have already begun for the confirmations to take place at 07 Easter Vigil…


Yes, canon Law requires a Godparent to be a Confirmed Catholic in good standing with the Church.

Regular parish Confirmations do not take place at the Easter Vigil. The Easter Vigil is reserved for RCIA Catechumens and (if necessary) Candidates.

I think my bigger dilemma is that nobody in my family - with the exception of my wife and me - are practicing Catholics. They are all cradle Catholics - but all are cafeteria Catholics and not church-going. At best, I have an aunt and uncle who attend only on Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday…

What to do?

Ask one of the members of the parish that you are close too, to be the godparents.
A family member does not have to be a godparent…it is nice if they are but nothing says they have to be.

If your sister is a practicing catholic, in good standing, it may be possible for her to be confirmed sometimes in the next 16 weeks. She should talk with her pastor about the possibility; her pastor could give her instruction and he could ask the bishop for permission to confirm her. If the above conditions are met there is a good possibility of this happening.
I was confirmed in 1967; I asked my Uncle Jack to be my sponsor - he not yet been confirmed, his pastor gave him instructions and then received permission, from the bishop, and then confirmed him before my confirmation.

God bless you,

Could this be a good time to get the family back in good standing in the church ???

Just my thoughts, but this could be an Opportunity for you and your wife to bring a stray back into the fold if carried out appropriately…

I always thought that the Church preferred for the god parents to be not related to the child; that the purpose of the god parents is to connect the child to the larger community, and get experiences outside of his own little family circle?

In any case, it is very appropriate to have someone from your parish be the god parent.

You only need one godparent, so maybe your sister could be a witness. The godparent has all the responsibility, but a person can be a witness. For example, if you had a close non-Catholic friend you wanted to involve. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.


It would be unlikely for your sister to be confirmed at a time other than that set by the bishop, and certainly not at an age younger than that prescribed for the diocese. It can’t hurt to speak to her pastor (not the pastor where the baptism will take place) and find out what the deal is, but the contact must come from her. Wanting to be a godparent is not sufficient reason to request this sacrament from the Church. She must understand and ask for it.

I agree! My sister is coming to church with us this Sunday! :smiley:

Regarding one godparent - since NOBODY in my family attends Mass, this might be the route to take…my sister is going to start coming to church with me and my wife…which is something I have been hoping for for a while.

I really don’t want anybody other than family to be our baby’s godparent(s)…so we’re in a tough spot, since there nobody in our family goes to church.

Not to be nasty, but it isn’t about you and what you want. It’s about what is best for your baby. Your family is not eligible at this point. Maybe for the next baby. What is the point of having family be a godparent when they are lukewarm about the Faith at best? “Godparent” is a spiritual role, anyway. It doesn’t confer any legal status. The godparent does not automatically become the child’s guardian should catastrophe hit you and your wife, for example.

If you have no realtives to fill the role, surely you have one practicing Catholic friend who would make an admirable godparent.

well you have made the situation more difficult for yourselves…since you are limiting yourself to family members that do not practice the faith.
Great to hear that your sis is going to start going to mass with you guys…but she is not Confirmed so that is not going to help you in regards to a godparent…:frowning:

I think that a witness doesn’t even have to be Catholic. The Sponsor does. Anyone know for sure?

the religion of the “witness” does not matter…the GodParent/Sponsor etc. does need to be a Confirmed Catholic over the age of 16 and in good standing with the Church.

The witness is strictly an honorary position – not an official one. I believe that the name will not be recorded in the Baptismal Record (while that of Godparent will).

As others have said, your baby needs only one Godparent, and that person must be a practicing Catholic and have received all sacraments through Confirmation. Chances are the prospective Godparent will have to provide documentation (my husband did when he was asked to be a Godfather recently).