Does God judge with equity or equality?

According to what happened to Miriam in the desert, it seems that God judges some people much more harshly than others simply because He has higher expectation of certain people, like Miriam. I do expect her to occupy a higher position in Heaven due to her religiosity.

What do you mean by the term religiosity? With my definition, religiosity does not get one to heaven, love does. God judges with Love and Truth, not equity nor equality.

God judges with perfect justice, whatever that may entail in particular circumstances. He alone knows the secrets of a person’s heart, their intentions, whether good or bad, their failings and their weaknesses as well as their virtues. We can’t possibly guess what, how or why.

Is it that God’s judgement will be based on equity (equal blessings for all,) or is it that qualitatively different graces will be given to different souls, based on things such as their good works in this world?

Dear Robert. I was once told that God does not “feel” as we do. We tend to attribute human emotions to God such as anger, love, and such. I don’t know the answer. The same person-who was more versed in theology and the understanding of the OT than I was, said that God “is” and therefor without all the human weaknesses of emotions as we know them. As I look back at that person’s teaching, again I have to say I just don’t know. The two things I am sure of is that God DOES love us and that we will be judged one day. Sometimes I think that God leaves Love and Justice up to us and we, in the end , judge ourselves, and receive Love as we give it. My mind is like a sponge with lots of little cellular openings left for soaking up new information, spiritual enlightenments, understanding of God’s mysteries. The point is that we can never fully understand God and that is why He is a mystery. So you see, I just don’t know. Forgive me, one and all as I am just made in His image and not a clone. Peace.