Does God Use Numbers to Show He is There?

I asked this question to an Apologist but I guess it doesn’t meet requirements so I wanted to ask all of you:

I have been seeing 111 and 1111 over and over again, everywhere, to the point that it is bizarre. When I’m not paying attention or least expect it, I see this number. I know that numerology is considered divination and thus against our faith, but hear me out on this:

  1. Every time I have seen this number, I am prompted immediately to say a prayer to our Lord and thank the Trinity for watching over me
  2. One time I saw the number 111 out of 1000+ songs on my iPod (which has…tons of explicit, mostly all secular stuff on it) and this one song was “I Need You” a Christian contemporary song in which the You = God. I was amazed by this so I stopped to say a prayer at that moment. What are the odds of that happening and me noticing the number out of the blue, while half asleep, on my morning commute to work?
  3. I Googled that this 111 could mean that God is trying give you a sign that a new opportunity or new change is about to happen. Well, the biggest “change” or “new beginning” that I’ve made recently is to come back to the Church. I have not been practicing in years and 2 weeks ago (around the time I started seeing the numbers), I returned to the Church and to my worship. It’s like I’m a whole new me.

So could God be giving me a sign? Or is this a demonic force trying to deceive me?
Google says it’s from God, but you have to be careful and consider the source. There are lots of people who use “God” and “Angels” and “Spirituality” loosely and could be referring to divination/occult type activities.

But if these signs ultimate make me think of God, think of being thankful to Him, prompt me to pray and praise His name, and have encouraged me to go back to the Church – isn’t that a good thing?


I have gotten the same thing. The irony is these numbers ended up being scripture verses that involved some of the things I have been struggling with with my Faith. So I think if it involves you getting closer to God I think it could be signs.

It’s just numbers. No spiritual meaning. I work in a building with the street address of 1111. My eye is frequently drawn to digital clocks when they read 11:11 or 01:11. I think it’s a pattern that attracts the eye.

I think God speaks to us in many and varied ways. You don’t have to look far in Scripture to see that God has a thing for numbers, too (7, 12, 40, etc.).

However, as you noted, you need to be careful about things like numerology and using numbers as some way to “divine the future” or other such things.

Have you ever bought a new car before? I have heard from many people and experienced myself that, when you buy a new car, suddenly, you start to see that model car everywhere. It suddenly seems to be the most popular type of car on the road. But in reality, it is only our perception that has changed. We may see hundreds of cars pass by every day without a second thought. But when we are suddenly keyed into a particular model (as when we buy a new car), then we start to notice it when we see the same car.

I think the same thing can happen with numbers. We see numbers all the time, too. When a certain number grabs hold of our imagination, we start to see that number everywhere. But it’s not necessarily that the number is really popping up more often. Rather, we may simply be noticing it more since we are subconsciously looking for it.

Now, can God still use such things to speak to us? Sure. I would take it in the proper perspective, though. For example, when you saw that song on your iPod and it moved you to prayer, that is certainly a good thing. God is good! But scouring your life for references to that number and insisting that the number must pop up over and over again in order for God to be speaking to you would be taking it too far.

I don’t think Googling it is probably the best idea, though. I imagine it might take you to loads of new agey type of sites. I wouldn’t read anything into any significance that such sites ascribe to that number. That can get you quickly into horoscope territory.

When I graduated from college, I looked up at the clock as the Dean spoke the words to formalize our graduation - exactly 11:11 a.m.


Don’t go by Google – the Bible and Tradition never mentions anything about those digits bringing us closer to God. It doesn’t matter why you keep seeing those digits or what Google said: what is important is that you have been moved to know, love and serve God more than before. If you want to keep sane and free from possible superstition, then now you must drop this matter altogether and forget all about it. There are numbers such as 3, 7, 12, 40, 144 (even 666) that signify something important to our Faith, but 111 or 1111 never has signified anything important or meaningful. God bless you.

I’m a Catholic revert as well and before I came back to the faith, I would see 11:11 everywhere. As well as other patterns like 333, 444, several times a day. I still see 1111 quite often but not as often as I used to. I do feel it’s some sort of signal. It could simply mean we are being looked after.

I just have to share this as I thought of this thread. :slight_smile:

A couple weeks ago, my wife wanted me to pick up some Mason jars for something she is doing. Now, I have never had occasion to buy Mason jars nor have I ever used them before. I didn’t even realize that you could buy empty jars like that.

Ever since I found some for her, I have been seeing them everywhere. There are all sorts of these plastic “Mason jar” tumblers with straws. I saw some near the liquor section for making margaritas (or something like that). And of course there are the empty jars themselves. Everywhere I turn, I seem to be seeing them.

I had never noticed them before. But once I looked for them, I am now seeing them everywhere, even though they’ve been there all summer long (or perhaps even longer).

Anyway, it reminded me of the thread. The mind can be funny when it comes to what we notice.

Thanks Joe for your reply!

You know what’s funny though, I was really trying to be objective. I didn’t think that 111 or 1111 could have ever meant anything. It was only after being bombarded with the number over and over again that I was curious in wondering if there was any signficance which then prompted me to Google it.

I bet if I had started off knowing about all these sites that say it is a sign from God, I would’ve already had a heightened sensitivity to it and would, like you did with the mason jars, start noticing it everywhere.

But it’s very interesting to me that it was like some force was making me look at my phone to check the time, or just look at the iPod list, or check my email at a specific time to see 111 in the inbox, 111 in spam and 111 in the deleted folder all at once. And 111 on a license plate, and house number, and someone’s jersey, and $11.1 change 3 times in a row during the same day. Those bizarre series of events lead me to then Google and wonder more about it. It would comparable to you randomly noticing mason jars everywhere, finding it odd that you see them all over the place, and then a few weeks later you are asked to go buy them.

It’s just really weird. But, the plus side is that whatever is going on, at least I am being drawn closer to the Lord. At least ultimately this sign is leading me to prayer and inspiring me to continue being active in rejoining my Orthodox Church.

Those are a lot of little “coincidences” when you add them all together. :slight_smile: I’m glad you’re being drawn closer to the Lord through it all. :thumbsup: That’s the most important thing.

I have always found this interesting… I was born in 1977 at 7:07 pm and weighed 7 lb 7oz. I now have 7 kids. I now consider 7 my lucky number:D

But were you born on July 7th? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, that’s a lot of 7s!