Does Jesus speak to individuals

I was listening to a Catholic podcast the other day and the speaker told a story to illustrate a point. The story was about a man who went to confession and told the priest that he is no longer an alcoholic. The man said he was sober for two weeks and that Jesus and told him to quit drinking. The podcast speaker went on to say that Jesus does not speak to individual and only speaks through the church.

My question is, can Jesus speak to an individual or does He only speak through the Church? It seems to me that both should be possible and I found this specific teaching a bit troublesome. I

I don’t know much about it, however, I did read that Jesus visited Saint Lucia once.

Jesus can speak to people. Sometimes he does so. But he does not contradict what he has elsewhere revealed.

This is exactly true. Think about St. Faustina. He spoke to her because He wanted His Mercy, Divine Mercy, to be known throughout the world. If Jesus feels the individual will listen to Him, and do what He tells that individual to do, then chances are He will talk to speak to that individual.

Also of note from St. Faustina, is how Jesus told her to obey his Church and submit to the proper authorities, claiming they spoke for him.

Thanks for the answers. It makes sense to me that (1) Jesus can speak to individuals today and (2) that he would not contradict already revealed truth. Number 2 would seem a good sign that you did not hear from Jesus. I would think that if someone thought Jesus told them to stop drinking, and they did, this is no way contradicts revealed truth and would be perfectly acceptable for the person to believe really happened.

Ah yes, I forgot about that key factor. Thank you for pointing that out to me! :thumbsup:

I would say that, yes, Jesus does speak to individuals in one way or another but, as others have said, He never contradicts revealed Truth.

This means that if someone says something like, “Jesus told me the Papacy is false,” it really means the person is lying, may be ignorant, may have mental issues, or is being influenced by the demonic.