Does Nat Geo Channel Have Anti-Christian Agenda?

I gave noticed a disturbing trend in the National Geographic TV Channel - maybe it is just me - but I can’t help but wonder if it has an Anti-Christian agenda.

Recent programmes such as “Secrets of the Cross: The Lost Tomb Of Jesus” and “The Real Jesus?” seem to be determined to undermine the truth of The Resurrection. National Geographic Channel purports that much of its programming is based on scientific evidence but ultimately these programmes are little more than speculation spread out over an hour and repeated frequently.

The *Secrets of the Cross *programme tried to state that the tomb of Jesus and his family has been found. The Real Jesus? programme claims that another Messiah lived just before the time of Jesus and did all the things that were meant to have happened in the Gospels.

Another series which will be starting soon on one of the National Geographic’s sister channels will be “Christianity: A History & Development of Christianity” - the first episode has be described thusly: “Howard Jacobson discussed Jesus as a Jew, Jacobson is well qualified as a well known Jewish writer. He asserts that Jesus was against Roman rule of his region and didn’t intend to start a new religion. For Jesus’s family and followers practised within Judaism, for them he was a charismatic Rabbi.”

Would the Jewish people allow programmes that challenged the teachings of Moses and ripped apart of Old Testament? Would Muslims allow programmes which effectively debunked the existence of the Prophet Mohammed? Of course not - why do we allow it?

The problem is, if we complain about it - we are seen as religious nutters. If we do nothing - we allow the lie.

Oh, heck; I can scarcely watch my once-favorite “Law and Order” shows for the anti-Christian bias that oozes out of it. My husband doesn’t get it; but he’s not watching with eyes and ears trained by the Gospel.
I don’t know what can be done except a massive letter-writing campaign.

Thank you for your thoughts.

To my mind, Law & Order is fiction and should be viewed as such - although it will push various forms of bias. National Geographic puts itself forward as being educational. If people accept this education it undermines what we accept as being true.

Anyway, its just a thought.

don’t know about anti-Christian but the certainly have an anti-science anti-fact anti-history bias which is peculiar coming from an outfit that is supposed to be about science, exploration, and factual research. They persist in tackling topics that are on the fringes of science or history, and ignoring any true science or true history about the topic, in the favor of myths, heresies, gnosticism, false gospels and so forth. Why, I cannot imagine, except that they probably get better ratings with these shows than on the life cycle of the tree frog.

I think the main part of their agenda is to sell advertising. As such they put on stuff that is sensationalistic.

In the same way that Discovery, Learning Channel, History Channel, etc have all moved away from documentaries that deal in historical and scientific facts, and promote all kinds of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, “outsider” views of history and science, etc.

I think it was Nat Geo where I recently saw a “documentary” on von Daniken and “Chariots of the Gods” - of all the junk science and outsider history trashing religion that is some of the trashiest, but that pretty much sums the kind of stuff you see on these stations anymore.

You mean the Bigfoot, Nostradamus, UFO, Ancient Prophecies Channels? :smiley:

Oh yeah, they have soooo much credibilty.

I even saw one about the ancient lost prophecies of the son of Nostradamus (who probably knows Bigfoot and lives on a UFO).

I overheard a conversation at work a couple months back. A young guy was talking about this doc he saw on the History Channel about ancient aliens who built the pyramids. They got their info from Erich von Daniken who wrote Chariots of the Gods back in the 1970s. I looked over and said: “you do know he admitted to fabricating a most of that book. right?” He answered “well, yeah. But at least half of the book is true.”

yeah and bigfoot made it down to old Mexico and gave the Mayans info on how like man the world is going to end and stuff in 2012, you can see his footprints on the pyramids there. the son of Nostradamus is Elvis, hello, get with the program

Be careful what you see on TV. Nat Geo and History channel are big offenders. It is either from a secular point of view and or anti catholic. Sometimes they will take some history and put their own spin on things. Never get your religious history from these channels. Just watch with caution. Sometimes my husband and I will watch these programs and pick out the inconsistencies. Like a game. We just shake our heads and can’t believe the spin they have spun.

I don’t mean to drudge up an old thread, but I found this in a search and I just had to respond since I Googled “Science Channel Anti-Christian” and this thread was the first hit.

Personally, I think the Science Channel has to rank right up there is the top for having an anti-christian agenda, not just anti-Catholic. I think the ones that bother me are the shows sub-titled with things like “What we don’t know about the Big Bang”. This assumes that any “right minded” person automatically accepts the big bang as a proven fact and we just need to know more about it. Suggesting that anyone that could believe in creation is archaic and simple-minded. They never address the fact that the big bang could be a total hoax and fictional science.

Obviously, if you believe in anything other than the big bang, you’re a religious nut :rolleyes:

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I’ve long felt that both the History and Nat Geo channels have a problem with Christianity and they work hard at creating doubt.

They’ll do a nice segment on the “real Jesus”, talking about His life and it’s pretty interesting, but in the last minute they’ll say something like, “but did Jesus actually do that”? or “but did that make Him the true Messiah”? In other words, they place doubt in the viewers mind. They never, ever try to confirm our beliefs. And they rarely, if ever, have Catholic priests or theologians on these programs. They use mostly questionable theologians that I consider lightweights.

Best to avoid these programs and stick with EWTN or your local Catholic channel.

I believe in the Big Bang. God said, “Let there be,” and BANG! There it was.



I never take what the national geo channel has to say seriously, they misrepresent Christianity, they misrepresent Ancient Egypt. They’re very unreliable. And they misrepresent historical fact.

I kinda agee and disagee at the same time. I got a set of History Channel DVDS from the Catholic Bookshop a few years ago, and I have never seen a more accurate and interesting summary of Christian history on DVD(6 disk set going from the early years to today).

I think these channels publish works directed and made by others who they do give cash to. I think they have an agenda of scandal and corporate thinking, but have no more or less anti-christian bias than other media outlets also have. There has been an increase in anti-chrstian material, but they also sometimes make some great documentaries like the one I have in my possesion.

The one I have did have Catholic Historians on it, most of which were also priests. It also contained some protestant historians just for good measure and because it was not about the theology of our religion but about the history of our religion. In fact most of them were catholics.

it was “Christianity:The first thousand years” and “christianity the second thousand years”, both were very fasinating on their own.

I’m glad to hear you found a good, solid program from this channel. Catholic theologians though? Very rare from what I’ve seen on there programming. I would rather stick with EWTN or my local Catholic channel though…:slight_smile:

I have been watching programs that are on Discovery, History, National Geographic, and the Science channel for a couple of years and I agree that there is an increasing bias against Christianity. I have avoided those types of programs on Our Lord and the Faith because I don’t want to get angry. The same is true with the programs on the Templars and other aspects of the Middle Ages. They seem to always put on the silliest of “scholars” who honestly have no clue what they are talking about. However, once in a while a good program gets in.

I miss the days when they would have actual archaeological programs about Egypt, Stonehenge, or Meso-America. Those were interesting. Now, its just UFO’s and Nostradamus and what the earth would look like without people. As for as the History channel, it used to known as the Hitler channel since that is all they seem to put on. Now, its a poor imitation of TLC and Discovery with shows like Gangs, Ice Road Truckers, etc.

I am getting more disappointed with Discovery as well :(. The programming has gone down hill. Granted, I admit that I like watching Cake Boss and the new show Inedible to Incredible and of course the Mythbusters but the rest of them are blah or disturbing like Buried Alive. The only other show that I find a little interesting that has come out recently is Dual Survival. Granted, it is basically Man vs. Wild :(. I miss the history shows. I mean…good history shows.

Listen to their “experts” next time one of these shows comes on. They start out their “theories” with a softly spoken. "it is thought"or an “it is believed” Then once they have those “disclaimers” out of the way. They will speak of their theories as though it is a known fact.