Does watching horror films invite evil?

Some of my relatives say that watching horror films can invite evil spirits, entities, evil feelings etcetera to the household if you frequently watch those kinds of shows. I am also banned from watching anything related to those kinds like books that contain ghost stories. Although I really try not to watch it for my own sake because I get sort of afraid and such.

      Do my relaives have a point on avoiding those kinds of things? :shrug:

Watching that stuff is fine. Some people will say anything to try to control other people actions. Ignore them.

It’s impossible to give a direct answer to this because it depends a great deal on the individual, the strenght of their faith, where they are in thie faith journey etc.

As a general rule, I’d say that such things, especially hollywood movies, do invite evil. Not necessarily in the sense of inviting evil spirits into ones life, but in the sense of possibly weakening ones resolve, causing questions and doubts etc.

However - I caution again that much depends on the individual. As a correllary, consider this. Some are called to the mission field or to give of themselves in medical, hospice, military or other difficult situations and circumstances. Even among those who feel called to such work, some have the stamina and depth of faith and disposition to endure these circumstances while others find they do not and exposure (or overexposure) to such circumstances will eventually cause them to dispair.

The same can be true of exposure to horror movies and books.


I think that a movie is a movie. It’s a made up fantasy and has nothing to do with real life. Horror movies, to me, have absolutely NO redeeming value, however. The evil aspect I see is people giving their hard-earned money to the producers of such disgusting movies (mainly the blood and guts “Saw” type, slasher films). And, the kinds of reactions such movies cause within our bodies are as if we are watching the real event, and I can’t see putting myself through that, and especially paying for it. Even when I was much younger, I couldn’t see the point in this kind of movie.

Ghosts - are only scary if you believe in such a thing. You have to examine your beliefs about death and what happens to the spirit after we die. I do not believe that God allows for such a thing as our spirits being stuck on earth to wander around, thus, I do not believe in ghosts.

If going to those movies causes your parents distress, honor them and don’t go. And if reading scary books causes you distress, read something else.

No. If your parents don’t want you to watch them then they may have a reason, but by relatives I guess you mean extended family?

If someone told me they think that watching horror films can invite evil, then that would lead me to suspect that they feel that they are so weak in mind and spirit that they feel that if they watch one exorcist-type film they’ll either become evil themselves or possessed themselves. Or feel that someone would be able to justify/blame any “evil” actions they do themselves on the film, rather than accepting responsibility.

It would also suggest that they believe in something which borders on the occult - something similar to what happens in a film called the “Ring” - by watching a video, you become cursed. The idea is ridiculous as a film plot, and is ridiculous in real life too - and sounds like what your relatives think would happen. I would ignore what they say if you don’t live with them. I enjoy horror films, but not the slasher “gore for the sake of it” type, I go more for a thriller-horror film.

Just as a side note - Me and my sister once wanted to watch the twilight film when it came out on DVD, both of us were over the age-rating (12 in the UK). But mum refused to let us watch it because “it offends my religion” She’s Methodist. Apparently vampires go against Methodism, and watching such a film can invite vampires in. I personally think it was because she wanted to have the TV, but ah well, I can’t understand my mother sometimes. I criticised her logic then, and my mum actually brought the latest film for my sister again this year!

I think that watching horror movies only increases evil activity in the minds of individuals with active imaginations. Just last night, I watched a horror movie with my brother and his girlfriend, and none of us have noticed an increase in demonic activity…

Seriously, it’s a movie. It only has power over you if you let it. By all means, if you think horror movies will give you nightmares or something, avoid them, but watching a pretend movie is not going to bring demons into your house. If your relatives believe that they will, I think that they might need some help discerning fantasy from reality.

I agree. If a person has previously dabbled in the occult or satanism, then it could very well invite evilness into their lives once more. I, for one, would avoid watching such films. I’ve heard of weird things happening on the movie sets of horror flicks like strange presences felt, injuries, etc. I know of people who had terrible nightmares after watching this genre of film.

People like to enjoy themselves with some entertainment, and that’s fine.
As a Christian, though, it is important to think about whether this is what God wants us to entertain ourselves with.

I would have to say yes - it’s a slippery slope really.

Just bear a few things in mind - would Jesus be happy with you watching something related to the occult, that might ignite your interest in that area further? And even if it didn’t, can it really be called just entertainment? Same as violent video games for kids - are they just innocent fun?

Also, think about what kind of mind was behind the film? Would it be a healthy mind that is overflowing with the Holy Spirit showing a film for other people’s spiritual good? Or someone trying to think of the sickest most evil plot they can, which will probably scar the minds of some of the film’s eventual audience, and maybe lead them down the wrong path. You may think this is extreme for me to say, but even the likes of the CSI series and all those crime series, Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, etc., have you not noticed that what might have begun as a kind of simple murder plot has now graduated to some of the sickest storylines imaginable. Really. Each week it’s like they have to outdo the horror of the last week by imagining a truly twisted mind. God is not at the heart of those programmes either I realised, and I no longer watch them.

Then, do you want to indirectly fund this kind of production by paying to see it at the cinema or at home?

I may sound like I’m preaching, but I’m honestly using the best teacher - experience. I used to love ghost stories as a child, “harmless” childrens’ supernatural films, which graduated to horror stories and evil horror films. My interest was only mild at first, I thought there was no harm in it at all, but it sucks you in, and draws you to the dark side before you even realise it. I’m not kidding.

Why not instead of sitting down to watch the film, no matter how good it supposedly is, why not go to your room and pray and offer your time as a little sacrifice or mortification to God.

Another current post here remarks at how little time we have on Earth and how we should use it well, the lost souls would if they got the chance is the point made. We don’t know when our life will be taken so we really should try as hard as we can to consecrate the time we have to God. It doesn’t mean by not living, but by living for God, and eliminating those things that are obstacles on the path.

I don’t think your post sounded “preachy” at all. It is full of good information that should be prayerfully considered.
Books, movies, plays, TV, - All of these things, these “entertainments” become “food” for our minds. The question is whether they are healthy and nutritious and good for us, or whether they are junk food and realy bad for us.


Thank you for your informational replies. Although I’m still a little like 10% skeptical since their are different answers from you. Thank you once again:D

This merely speaks to the fact that everyone is unique, everyone is in a different place on their journey and not everyone treads the same path.
The most important thing is to remain focused on God, on Good, on Virtue and on Love. Then pray for the Holy spirit to guide and enlighten you.


That’s the key, everyone is unique and for some I would say absolutely yes that horror movies can be a portal for the evil one using it for his motives. I know some horror movies for me are out of the question. I love Stephen King’s movies, those I can watch and not have a bad experience. But movies like The Exoricist had a huge negative impact on my spiritual life when I was a teenager after I saw it the first time. Even to this day, I know I can not watch that movie. Evil will use even the simplest or most innocent looking tools, even a horror movie, if that is weakness for any of us. You have to know yourself and what pushes your buttons and what does not. I wouldn’t dismiss anyone’s experience with demonic activity after watching horror movies.