Does wearing a cross protect me from evil?

Does wearing a cross and having a crucifix in my room protect me from evil. I also have a blessed statue of st. joseph on my headboard I like having it there watching over me while I sleep. What are some ways if I feel I’m in the presence of evil to get rid of that evil. What are some prayers? I know that the prayer to St. Michael is probably a good one to say when in the presence of evil.

One thing for sure is that satan does not like it one bit!

I agree my friend, so let’s say i feel the presence of evil, would wearing my cross protect me from that, and what are some prayers I can say to ward out that evil spirit.

Do not use a cross or crucifix in a superstitious way. It is the faith BEHIND the object that gives it significance.

That is not to say that you should NOT wear a cross or have a crucifix. Of COURSE these things are very good.

Do you frequently feel that you are in the presence of evil?

I have from time to time yes, I just wanna know what are some ways to rebuke that evil, I know some people will hold their rosary in there hand, what are some prayers I can say, can I ask St. Michael to battle out those evil spirits.

I would clarify that any holy object should also be blessed, as it then becomes a sacramental, and has the ability to be a channel of God’s grace. (Not that an unblessed cross can’t, but it’s always better to actively invite the presence of God to be upon an object). The Miracle of Elisha’s bones is a great and powerful witness for the validity of physical objects being the channel of the powerful grace of God.

I’ve seen different exorcisms, and even protestant exorcisms use physical objects to help them. I personally was in the room when Bob Larson did an exorcism, and he used holy oil, a big cross, and his bible.

Apparently though, he wasn’t fasting enough (the demons said this)!!!

Do you know the history of the St. Michael prayer? Whew! It is a very powerful prayer. And of course, the bad guys HATE Our Lady because she was the instrumental in bringing the One Who vanquished them into the world.

Who knows about your situation?

Yes I have a statue of Our Lady, St. Joseph and a large crucifix on my wall and they have all been blessed, so if I feel these evil spirits and perhaps see or hear them, would saying the prayer of st. michael help ward them away, and could I use the blessed statues i have as well.

I wore a blessed cross since I have been married (34 years). When I took part of an exorcism for this victim, the cross did not stop from the evil one doing bad things to me. Although I believe that this is a much different circumstance.

On the other hand, I do believe that I am protected with the faith i put in the Precious blood and the mantle of Mary. A picture was thrown from a wall about 4 feet but I left that spot just a couple of seconds. Otherwise it would have fallen on me. Jesus does watch over His own. I believe that!

Never mind the way I drive sometimes…:rolleyes:

The real question is not whether a cross or a prayer will protect you.

The real question is why you feel particularly threatened by evil spirits. I do not challenge you on this. It certainly happens. But most people do not go through life in dread of evil spirits. This is a much bigger issue than a cross or statue.

Well, I think the purpose of wearing a cross is really to remind yourself that you belong to God, and that you should do his will. When you are feeling scared or alone, or feeling as though you are somewhere evil. Say an Guardian Angel prayer. That always helps me.

Well I’m asking in case if this happens, I have from time to time felt the presence of evil in my home, I’m just asking what I could do to protect in case if it happens

You can have your house blessed. :slight_smile: This used to be common during the Easter season.

This isn’t an exact quote, but I remember reading something …that if you attend Mass and receive the sacrament of Communion regularly (and perhaps often) then Satan cannot touch you. He is powerless against you. Go to confession and Communion often. Pray and fast. :wink:

Well I’m in RCIA so i can’t do those things yet

Padre Pio did much more and he was literally against walls, bitten, etc etc. Being holy as he was, he paid the price.

You can go to Mass, you can say a spiritual Communion, you can say your Rosary daily, you can say the prayer to St. Michael daily, you can consecrate yourself to Mary, you can have pictures, etc. of Jesus and of Mary all around your room/apartment so you remember to say a prayer (Hail Mary, Our Father) any time you feel the need.
Remember that when St. Teresa of Avila saw little demons around her she would brush them away (literally or figuratively) as if they were annoying flies. C.S. Lewis talks about in Screwtape Letters (I think) how devils can’t stand being scorned or pooh-poohed, like St. Teresa did.

Recite the Jesus Prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner.

And say it constantly.

Hi Reff,

There are a few things you can do. One is to get some Holy Water and bless your house. Another is to say spiritual warfare prayers, especially the Bedtime Protection Prayer:

Bedtime Protection Prayer

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthened by the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, of Blessed Michael the Archangel, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and all the Saints and Angels of Heaven, and powerful in the holy authority of the name His Name, I subject my mind and my dreams only to the work of the Holy Spirit. I ask you Lord to bind up all powers of darkness and forbid them to work in my dreams or any part of my subconscious while I sleep. Amen.

There are some more tips at the St. Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling Help Page.

Get a St Benedict Crucifix and have a priest bless it.
and say the prayer to St Benedict as offen as you want.