Dozens of abortions carried out on foetuses with minor imperfections such as cleft lip or club foot

New research finds 157 foetuses aborted in three years for cleft lip
Further 205 aborted for club foot according to European monitoring group
But only fraction of these show up on official records
Department of Health admit there may be ‘discrepancies’ in their figures

I was born with cleft lip and palate, it’s not exactly uncommon :frowning:

Just the headline saddens me, I know there are charities that raise funds for operations to cure some of these ailments.

God Bless You.

Prayers and tears, prayers and tears.

I’d be dead then. I have no apparent scar now but did have a cleft lip, operated upon as an infant.
Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, please powerfully protect unborn persons.
Please let the wisdom of Your Holy Spirit of love and life to flood through the nations and restore Your truth and Your ways to our world.

My oldest sister was also born with a cleft lip. Even then (she’s a million years old. :D) there were good surgeries to correct it. I realize that parents may not have the money or insurance for the surgery themselves, but there are quite a few charities and other organizations that raise money for this. Both conditions are relatively easy to correct these days. It is so so sad that a parent who abort for any reason, but this almost seems trifling.

There shouldn’t be any more excuses when Obamacare takes effect. Theoretically anyway.


How we pay for healthcare in the US, and whether the costs are justifiable (lots of waste in the process), is a real mess. I’m thinking however that the new process won’t be any better than the current one.

Except that these 157 abortions where done in England and Wales where they have national health care, so what, the NHS will pay for their abortions but not cleft plate/palate?

One has to wonder,were they encouraged by their physicians to abort,due to the fact that they have national health care? When the gov’t has control of health care decisions,when the citizenry expect to be taken care of by their gov’t,this may be the real cost…gov’t calls the shots on who gets to live and who isn’t worth the effort.It becomes more about the bottom line than the worth of any one individual life.:frowning:

I am assuming it was done at the requests of the parents. I am currently seeking further repair on the NHS. They offer plastic surgery for those adults who had birth defects as children. I will not have to pay for this service.

how sad, boy the Christians and any other compassionate people in the world really need to pray for an end to abortion

Please see this link

An organization organizing worldwide Rosary crusade against abortion for this May, they hope to get one million Rosaries prayed, you can print off a bulletin there for your Parish :slight_smile:

Yes, the abortions will be free so no problem. Oh, that’s not what you meant.

Sorry to sound so flip, the dark side of Obamacare just gets to me. And for every “imperfect” child born there are many childless couples praying for a baby to bring into the family.

Of course there are also millions of abortions done when the baby has no deformity at all.

Yes and goes to remind us that better social services and “free” healthcare are not going to end or even reduce abortion numbers. In reality abortion is done mostly for sheer convenience or desire, not for live saving or health saving reasons.

Obamacare aims to killed the present system and lead to single-payer system. How this would work in a nation several times the size of any European state remains to be seen. Not well, I fear.

Yes.John Rock, the inventor of the pill, claimed that the use of it would make abortions unnecessary. But human perversity helped make that a lie.

Health care under ObamaTax will be unaffordable to many, so many people will choose to pay the tax because it is cheaper than insurance, so still be without insurance but I do not think not having insurance is the reason women are choosing an abortion for babies with minor imperfections

ObamaTax could give the abortion industry up to $1 billion a year