Dr. Bella Dodd: Planting Communist Priests in the Church

I have read in many publications online the assertion that Dr. Bella Dodd helped plant over 1000 Communist/atheist/immoral seminarians into Catholic Seminaries in the 1930’s. I found this fascinating. I am a convert to the Catholic Church and love her. But I wanted to read the documents myself because these articles also claimed that she made this confession to the House Un American Committee. That gives it great weight and I wanted to be able to link to it.

I found Bella Dodd’s testimony transcript to the HUAC on two different occasions. I read all of both testimonies. She does not say anything about recruiting subversive seminarians. The questions and answers all seem to be about Teacher’s unions and her methods, for the most part.I ordered her book and read it. Nothing on the topic of planting seminarians. Nothing in the Index on “Catholic” , “Priests”, or “Seminarians”. I listened to a youtube with her voice warning Americans. At the end of it, the assertion about the planting of priests is included only in writing, not in her voice. I can find no credible documentation of this information. Can you?

Can you please provide a link to her testimony to this assertion. Maybe it is another time she testified. Yes she testified to HUAC. And apparently she told people about the seminarians she recruited, but is there any documented evidence? All of these reports assert that she testified to HUAC about the seminarians but did she really? Please let me know what you find. I started telling friends about this Communist Plot but have since retracted it b/c I can find no evidence of it. And if it were true, why didn’t the Church get their names and kick them out of the priesthood, seminary, Curia etc.?

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Never mind; see below.

I already turned in the book to the library. How did you read it online? Nevermind I found it. I will now read the whole 2nd half.

What’s about it?

Here is a quote from an article:

  1. Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd made a public affidavit which was witnessed by a number of people, including Paul and Johnine Leininger. In her public affidavit, among other things, Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd stated: “In the late 1920’s and 1930’s, directives were sent from Moscow to all Communist Party organizations. In order to destroy the [Roman] Catholic Church from within, party members were to be planted in seminaries and within diocesan organizations… I, myself, put some 1,200 men in [Roman] Catholic seminaries”.

  2. Dr. Alice von Hildebrand confirmed that Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd had publicly stated the same things to which she attested in her public affidavit.

  3. Mrs. Johnine Leininger confirmed that other people could also verify that Mrs./Dr. Bella V. Dodd had made these statements regarding the infiltration of Communists into Roman Catholic seminaries.

  4. Mrs. Leininger has also said that she herself knows some Roman Catholic priests who were “sleepers” - an espionage term for individuals or groups who refrain from any subversive, espionage, and/or infiltrator functions until they become “active”.

  5. Mrs. Johnine Leininger stated that she knows of several priests who faithfully taught the Catholic religion until they became bishops or were promoted to other influential posts, and then, upon becoming “active”, immediately exhibited hostility to that same faith which they had previously professed.

I added the numbers to the quoted paragraphs to make them indent.

I am sorry, her comment about infiltrating the seminaries is not in the book. The quote above comes from here: http://www.traditionalcatholicmass.com/home-m135.html#Dr.%20Bella%20V.%20Dodd

You probably won’t find any evidence of it except in her own writing and on bottom-of-the-barrel conspiracy theorist sites like Church Militant and traditionalcatholcimass.com, or other lunatic fringe sources.

It is undoubtedly a garden variety fabrication.

Think about it. With an operation of that scale, there should be plenty of independent corroboration, and there is none. That should be a bright enough red flag that something is fishy about the whole story.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from lunatic fringe conspiracy theory sites like traditionalcatholicmass.com.

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I, too, have heard that this was a conspiracy theory and had been debunked long ago but I am open to seeing real evidence that this actually took place. I’m sure the Communist party would have liked to have done something like this but did it really happen? I think not.


You have to wonder when a website host gives his own site the imprimatur. :thinking:

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… who is the only “Patriarch” I have heard of that has ZERO web presence not of his own making.

This is just some sede clown.

Thanks Annie. I saw all of those but they don’t rise to the level of credible documentation. I am so disappointed in all the people who repeat that she reported this infiltration to HUAC, when she did not.

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