Dwynwen - Welsh Saint of Lovers and broken hearts?

I found her in the Roman Martyrology , circa 2004.

Her main pilgrimage sit lays in ruins, and she’s no longer officially commemorated in the Roman Catholic or Anglican Churches - although she was at one time.

Just trying to make sure I’m not stepping into another situation similar to Philomena Controversy… Cause I could sure use a saint adept in the affairs of the heart right about now.

Here’s some information.



I’ve always loved the way Welsh names and words look on the page, but I’ve never known how to pronounce any of them. I’ve even read a couple different versions of The Mabinogion, but the pronunciation just seems impossibly weird. :shrug:

Never heard of this saint by the way, but thanks for the link Ed.

Welsh looks more difficult than Gaelic.

Ed :slight_smile:

Welsh is phonetically consistent, so once the weird spelling is learned, it’s not hard. It’s a beautiful language.