Eating meat on christmas eve

Hi! I was wondering if as a Roman Catholic if it would be a sin to eat meat on Christmas Eve? Thanks and merry Christmas

It’s not a day of mandatory fasting or abstinence.

I think it may have been a day of abstinence at one time, or perhaps it was a cultural thing. But in the “old days” Poles and Italians abstained from meat on Christmas Eve. They had big celebratory dinners that didn’t include meat.

No, not a sin. Meat-it-up!!

There is no problem with eating meat on Christmas Eve. Many people have their Christmas dinner on this day to leave Christmas day open for other gatherings, a little extra sleep, gifts, visiting relatives etc. Don’t worry, this is a time of celebration.

No need to fast. Have a blessed day and Happy New Year.

For Filipinos it’s Noche Bueno… Definitely plenty of meat on the table!

You can eat meat. But hopefully you’ll spare some time in prayer to pray for the dead as well today while sharing Oplatki. I hear its Polish tradition. :thumbsup:

…I know, it’s kind of hard to find Oplatki right now though. I’m going to do it next year. I’m Slovak, it’s our tradition too. :wink:

“According to an ancient tradition, the Vigil observance begins at sunset with the appearance of the first star. The family is then summoned to a common meal. Although it is a simple meal, it consists of an odd-number of meatless dishes, all of which have a symbolic meaning. The table is covered with a white linen cloth with a thin layer of hay and wheat grains beneath to remind the residents that the Infant Jesus was laid on hay in the manger. A sheaf of wheat is place hi “God’s corner” of the room.
One extra place setting at the table is reserved for an unexpected guest. Zofia Kossak, a renowned Polish writer, explained this, “Whoever arrives at a Polish home on this holy evening, will occupy this place and will be received as a brother.” The extra place also expresses the sincere remembrance of all the dear ones, who could not spend the holidays with the family, particularly those who have departed this world. Some also believe that Jesus Himself comes to the Vigil meal this evening and occupies the vacant place.”

…from the same article:

“An interesting fact to recall is that the town of Bethlehem means “House of Bread.” This is an additional symbolical aspect of the “oplatek” as a sign of Jesus Christ and His human birth. Colored “oplatki,” usually pink, and the leftovers from the meal are taken to the animals, so that, they too, could share in the joy of the birth of Christ.”

It would be a sin if you are an Italian ! JK… No, its not a requirement to abstain.In the past church practice may have involved fast or abstinence but it doesn’t now. Some cultural traditions are centered on fish or other non meat entrees for Christmas Eve.

No, it’s ok to eat meat. There used to be fasting and abstinence on Christmas Eve many years ago, but that was abolished. Some cultures still observe a no-meat Christmas eve as part of custom.

Yes you may eat meat.