Estrada for Supreme Court

As President Bush gets ready to nominate a Supreme Court justice I would love to see him nominate Miguel Estrada. It has been widely rumored that Bush wants to nominate a Hispanic Justice and Estrada would be just the person. Estrada is a conservative Catholic who is very pro life and also believes in only giving the federal government those powers which are defined by the Constitution. All other power goes to the individuals and the states. Estrada also believes our rights are given to us by God and not by the government or the Constitution.

I think Miguel Estrada would be just the right person for the next justice on the Supreme Court. Also, the liberals would have a hard time fighting his nomination because they already approved him for his position on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals and I don’t think any Democrat wants to vote against or filibuster a Hispanic candidate.

I know Alberto Gonzolas has been widely rumored to be in the running but he would be a horrible choice. He is a pro abortion, liberal in disguise who would continue the legislation from the bench which is going on now. If Bush nominates a liberal not only will he destroy his own legacy by breaking his campaign pledge but he will also hurt the Republican party for years to come and also hurt the country for years to come. President Bush must stand firm against the liberals on this one. The future of this country and our civil rights depend on it.