ethiopian bible vs. christian bible

the argument of the ethiopian bible is the true bible, and not the current christian bible. And why is it impossible to find an english version of the ethiopian bible.

Why would you think that the Ethiopian Bible is the true bible.
It is probably impossible to find an English version of the Ethiopian bible because there is no English speaking person that would care to read it.
My reply is not intended to be mean spirited. I just think that we have the Canon of Scripture that has been handed down by the Church and need no other.

It’s the same as our bible except that it includes several extra books in the Old Testament and also in the New Testament.

The extra books have a lot of significant historical value but are obviously not recognized for spiritual purposes by the Church as part of the Canon.

I think the extra books would be very interesting to read, especially if you have an interest in Coptic literature. I suspect parts of the extra books have been translated and published but may not be easily obtainable.


Thank you for your responses, even with the lack of clarity of my question (it was late). I was presented with this arguement from a conspiracy theoriest type and I really didn’t have an educated answer. …the more I learn the more I love the catholic church. gob bless.

They may not be canon, but I, for one, would be interested in reading them. Why are we saying the Ethiopian Vs. Christian Bible? Are you (OP) suggesting the the Ethiopian Orthodox Church isn’t Christian?

no, my op was not clear. but in a nutshell. a neighbor made the assertion that the
original bible was taken to ethopia before the “roman christians” had taken out the parts
they didn’t like. and that the bible we use is not the true bible.
I had no comment or rebuttle. so of course, I turned to this
forum first. (I have found this forum to be the most trusth worthy source I have found).
I too would like to read the other books for historical purposes,
same reason I have read parts of the book of mormon and about the rastafarians etc…
I have since researched information about the ethiopian orthodox and the coptic christians
of egypt and now have a neophyte’s understanding. god bless.

There are actually two Ethiopian Orthodox canons. The Lesser and the Broader. The Broader has not been printed in over 100 years, but the Lesser can be found online, in English, not as a whole book, but as individual ones. It would seem to be the most used edition. It contains the Catholic canon, with a different version of Maccabees (listed below) as well as:




Granted, Wikipedia isn’t always the best, but here is an article on the Ethiopian Church, with some good links and pictures:

I would be very interested in reading the Ethiopian bible, as it has existed in isolation from both other orthodox and catholic bibles for many centuries. In fact as I understand it Christianity reached Ethiopia before Rome.

In my view this means that event that are captured in in both catholic and ethiopian bible must predate the roman adoption of Christianity and be proven the have existed in the very early christian church i.e. pre constantine.

Also Ethiopia was a Jewish or at least believed in the old testament prior to its adoption of Christianity, I would be interested if any one could suggest why ethiopia made the transition from Judaism to Christianity where as Judah for the most part did not?

That’s one thing I love to point out to people: the historical Churches usually have their own Biblical canons (the Western Scriptural canon is, shall we say, more ‘conservative’ in its preferences than the Eastern or Ethiopian ones), but no Church, AFAIK, lacks the books that are missing in Protestant Bibles. The Eastern or the Ethiopian Church Others may have more books than we Western Christians do, but we all have those books - so much for Catholics ‘adding’ on the Canon. :rolleyes:

Add me to one who wants to see the ‘extra’ Ethiopian books in English. :smiley:

Could you point me in direction on a good independent source, verifies that Mathew, Mark, Luke and John are present in the ethiopian bible?

The above links I gave, particularly the oh so reliable wikipedia page, state that they are. I don’t think there are really many differences in any New Testament canons, beyond the way out there groups.

I’m sorry but it is my understanding that, the books you have posted are not the main pivotal book of the new testament i.e. they do not capture the virgin birth or the crucifixion.

Also the wikipedia page is not referenced and i don’t know of any bias the the author may have had and thus at present it is not possible to confirm events in the new testament via the Ethiopian bible.

I found this on the official Ethiopian Orthodox website:

I know this thread is old, but I must respond to this . I wonder if Mike knows that English was nowhere around when Philip instructed the Ethiopian about the Scripture and Baptized him? Did you know that the first New Testament was compiled by Erasthmus? Hardly English. The King James was NOT handed to us by the “Church” and the New Testament looked very different when Erasthmus put it together than it does today.
Your comment sounded mean, because it was.