EU opens legal case against Warsaw, Budapest, Prague over migration

The easterners vindicate their stance on asylum seekers by citing security concerns, noting a series of militant Islamist attacks in western Europe since late 2015. The bulk of refugees come from the mainly Muslim Middle East and North Africa.

They also hope their resistance to pressure from Brussels will earn them credit with eurosceptic voters at home.

                                                   Once again the European Union demonstrates it's commitment to bringing the problems faced by France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, etc to Eastern Europe.

How would you enforce a legal ruling against Warsaw? Is Germany planning to invade Poland if they don’t allow in more “asylum seekers”?

They’ll threaten economic sanctions.

There are probably now no few Brits who are doubly glad they voted for Brexit.

This really is outrageous.

Why do you say that? Britain is not covered by the agreement (along with Ireland and Demark) so we’re exempt. Unlike Poland and Hungary and the Czech Republic.

There is far more to this than meets the eye/ At least Hungary and the Czech Republic voted against the plan, Poland voted for it and is now refusing to accept 1000 migrants which seems absurd - Slovakia voted against but has now decided to accept all 950 migrants proposed by the plan. And it would actually have benefited Hungary as the EU planned to move 54,000 from Hungary as part of the plan so the net effect of the political posturing by Orban is that Hungary has 50,000 more migrants than it needs to!

My guess is that Hungary does not trust the EU, with good reason. If someone offers to lessen your burdens - for now - in exchange for ceding to them control of your borders, you might say no thanks. The pattern of the EU is that they gradually expand their power, so any concession you make now could cost you more in the long run.

The profoundly secular EU trying to force European countries to admit more Muslims. The devout Muslims must be astonished by this.

Then be glad you’re exempt. You don’t need more of what you’ve experience in the last few weeks, do you?

And possibly Poland now sees its vote was a mistake.

And possibly Hungary doesn’t plan to keep them.

My impression (and someone might correct me on this) is that the dispersal of the “refugees” among the European states is to give relief to Greece and Italy, to which the influx lands first.

But they had an alternative. They could have gotten their forces together and carved out safe zones for those people in their own countries. They could have done it.

Bye bye EU; we won’t miss you and your Soviet style tactics when you’re gone.

Fortunately Eastern Europeans lack the suicidal tendencies so common in Western Europe.

my feelings exactly. this is why I don’t like the EU.

Hungary might be the strongest Eastern European country. They are the ones that had a revolution against the Soviet Union. They have always been careful and selective about who is allowed to live in their country as far as I know.

It is sad that people in the U.S. have no idea what it is like to live under Communism and if what is happening here continues I have a strong feeling our country will be ruled by a dictator after Trump is gone and the most hateful people I have ever seen are running the country.

I really don’t understand how so many Americans can be so brainwashed, except the young ones who are brainwashed in school.

Please don’t ask for facts, just start waking up and look around you at the chaos and from my viewpoint we look like a third world country.


While well-intentioned, the “EU” was a cockamamie idea from the start. Now, it is showing its ‘compassion’ by forcing Islam into Christian societies - with the obvious result. Since the 8th century, blood has been shed to keep the domineering, intolerant Muhammadans out of Europe. >> to 2017 and it is now desirable. Islam has not changed. What has? :shrug:

The polling data suggests otherwise. In the latest Eurobarometer survey, more than half of Hungarians stated that they would like to speed up integration between member states.

Most of the perpetrators were born in Europe and lived here long before the migration crisis.

This should be this solution. Emptying countries of their populations is not.