Eucharistic Adoration Holy Thursday

Both my wife and myself have adoration 7-8pm on Thursday evening…our Adoration chapel is a behind (attached) the church…last night (Holy Thursday) just prior to the 7pm mass one of our deacons came in and removed the Blessed Sacrament from the Monstrance and reposed it in the Tabernacle which is also in the chapel…after mass the priests and deacons came into the chapel…opened the Tabernacle and recited prayers before the Blessed Sacrament…in Latin…(which we couldn’t understand)…does it count for us that while it was our assigned time in the Adoration chapel as if we were attending mass also…thankyou

I’m confused. The Blessed Sacrament was reposed just before the start of Mass, but you and your wife remained in the Adoration chapel instead of attending the Mass?

Even if this is the case, Catholics are not required to attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Holy/Maundy Thursday is not a Holy Day of Obligation.

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your question :grimacing:

Yes…I understood from our bulletin that it would be reposed at midnight…but that’s what happened…we weren’t sure what to do so we stayed in the chapel as the Tabernacles is in the chapel…

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My understanding is that those who sign up for Adoration at a fixed time come to adore an exposed Blessed Sacrament. The Blessed Sacrament, when exposed, cannot be left alone. When reposed, however, no human presence is required. You could have stayed to adore the reposed Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle, or left and attended the Mass, or just left. No harm, no foul either way.

ok…thanks for the info…surprised no one informed us of that…

I suppose what’s expected of adorers can vary from parish to parish. You might want to double check with someone in your own parish to be sure of what’s relevant to your particular case.

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In the parish I attended last night, the chapel was closed at the start of Mass; there was a procession of the Blessed Sacrament after Mass to the hall, where adoration continued until 11 p.m., and then ended.

The Triduum is a bit different than almost all of the rest of the year.

In all the churches I’m aware of that have Adoration, they end the Adoration of the exposed host before Holy Thursday Mass. Then in some cases the reposition of the Host occurs in the Adoration chapel and in other cases they use a side altar in the church. But at that point the Host is always in a tabernacle, never exposed.

It sounds like in your case they didn’t make it clear to you that the Adoration was going to end before the Mass, so it’s a failure to communicate.

You can still sit and spend time with Jesus in the tabernacle. It does not count as attending Mass, but you weren’t required to attend Mass, so it’s all good.

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