EWTN, which is the Eternal Word Television Network. Do you watch “Catholic TV”?


I was somewhat curious and wanted to know if other posters here at Catholic Answers Forums watch EWTN while posting, I do. ? I enjoy watching EWTN, which is the Eternal Word Television Network, which is “Catholic TV”.

You can watch EWTN while posting at Catholic Answers Forums.

If you go to the Main Home Page of Catholic Answers, in the “EXTERNAL LINKS” (bottom, left) you will find a link to EWTN.

Below I have provided a direct link to EWTN streaming video;

Eternal Word Television Network

If you have not watched EWTN before, I think you will be surprised and really enjoy it, even if you are not Catholic. I really like Mother Angelica.

Let me know what you think.

I watch EWTN at least 3-6 hrs a day. (well, some of it I am not really watching, but listening). I absolutely love it. I have DVR’d all of Father Corapi’s series. I only wish I had DVR at the time of Pope John II’s illness and death, funeral.

I heard about EWTN through this forum. Living in the UK I assumed that the only way I could ever watch the channel was via the PC. I have since found that EWTN is listed on SKY (channel 769) and also transmits on the Hotbird satellite system in Europe. I have a satellite system for watching Italian TV at home and I found EWTN there before becoming aware of it on SKY.

Anyone in the UK, if SKY is too much, a basic Hotbird satellite system costs around £50 to purchase, and around £100 to install. There are no fees to watch the channel.

I do the same thing with Fr. Corapi! I love to watch him at my leisure.

I also like the “Web of Faith” show. I love the question and answer format. The other night I caught “The Pure Life” (or something like that) which is more for teens dealing with chastity/modesty issues, and I’m too old&married for that:) and my kids are still too young, but really good nontheless.

I watch EWTN…some of my favs are Fr Tragillo , Fr Corapi and many others.

What is the current status on Mother Angelica and will she ever be Canonized?

She’s not dead yet. She had a massive stroke a few years back and is incapcitated. However, she is still to be seen sitting with her sisters in their chapel on the Masses which are broadcast from the shrine church.