Fasting while on my period?

Hi everyone. Please excuse me, I really don’t know where to post this.

I’m not 18 yet so I have never fasted.
My Church is doing a 24-hour fast for teens and I’d really like to participate, except I might begin my period somewhere around that day (or maybe on that day!) :blush: However, my periods are unpredictable and always come earlier or later than they should be. But supposing I do have my period on that certain day we will be fasting, should I still participate? Will it be okay both physically and spiritually?

We will be consuming liquids, if it makes a difference :confused:

Advise is greatly appreciated.
Thanks & God bless!

Sorry for being an ignorant man but what does a woman’s period have to do with fasting?

Because of the blood loss you can get really weak. Also, you have to make sure you take in sufficent iron somehow to guard against anemia. I think the OP is worried that fasting might exacerbate an already weakened state.

I have been getting my period for 43 years and I never recall ever feeling weak from not eating…from cramps and headaches yes. If you must, expalin the situation from the youth minister and bring some fruit or crackers. One idea would be to take some extra iron the days before, or eat a lot of red meat, to build up your iron stores if it is a problem for you

If there’s a medical issue that you have (like excessive blood loss during a period that makes you physically weak already, or something else like the flu), then no, you’re not required to fast. If the blood loss makes you weak, then you can offer that up instead of fasting.

yes it has no bearing, obviously bring whatever you may need along in your purse or backpack. I am worried about why you might think this would be a problem, because it makes me think someone has been feeding you false informaion.

Have you ever dieted when you had your period?

Will the liquids contain calories or is it just plain water/tea/coffee kind of thing?

Unless you have other health issues it will/should not be a problem.

If you’ve ever had problems on your period with blood sugar/fainting/etc. then you might want to allow yourself an “out” if you feel seriously faint. Ordinarily, though, there’s no physical reason why a menstruating woman can’t fast.

The best person to talk to about this would be your Physician. Our bodies are Temples Of The Holy Spirit, and not to be damaged by over-fasting or fasting when inappropiate. (Big Time OPINION.)

My opinion is that it is OK to be hungry when fasting. But one should still be able to function, without mental impairment or physical weakness. Again, talk with your Physician, and maybe also with your Priest or Spiritual Director or whoever.

Yes, you will be fine. I assume they will be giving you fruit juice to drink; fruit juice is a good meal replacement, in the short term. The fast is only 24 hours, so you should be just fine.

And I am also assuming that the fast will be no longer than 24 hours - that they are planning to give you something to eat at the end of the event. :slight_smile:

We are doing a similar event with our teens next weekend. :slight_smile:

Spiritually, I don’t see a problem. Us womenfolk are not considered ritually “unclean” by the Church when Aunt Flo is visiting.

I have issues with fasting around that time of the month though. I bleed excessively and I basically can’t afford to give up the nutrition. I actually can’t donate blood because of this problem as well.

If you have physical issues, well other posters have covered that better than I could. But don’t worry about the spiritual part.

Thanks you guys
I just wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

God bless!

Oh, yes- we will be drinking water and juice.

I drink a quart of non-fat milk daily, fasting or not. I need the calcium, being at elevated risk for osteoporosis

I have always been very hungry and thirsty at that time of the month, and when young I got really bad cramps, so i was screaming and in a cold sweat tfor three days and dizzy for a few more. Trial and error taught me that the key was nutrition, fresh air, moderate exercise, fiber and plenty of fluids. Even a few hours could make a difference back then. Young folks are resilient, true, but their metabolisms are so fast. She should not be afraid to challenge herself IMHO, but be cautious about hurting herself. Every woman is different, and never more so than while changing. A girl’s body is still growing into a woman’s body until sometime in the 20’s and a girl and a woman are very different packages of chemicals. Her chemistry is going through many adjustments all the time.

This is medically completely wrong.
One period does not get you to anemia!
You only loose about 4 spoons of blood over one period.
Syderopenic anemia is a product of many/long/large periods or inadequate iron intake. Either way, no harm will be done to a young girl who decides not to eat for one day. Especially if it is for her spiritual well being.

Do the fastening thing! :thumbsup:

I know this is an old thread but I just read it… I think how much blood a woman loses can really differ very much; some woman have very heavy periods.