Father Isaac Mary Relyea

Who is Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea? What order is he with - or what diocese?

The reason I ask is that I listened to his Traditional Lenton Mission series here…
(Mission) Prelude to the Mission, 37:32, 4.3 MB
(Mission) On Death, 64:24, 7.4 MB
(Mission) On Judgement, 120:14, 13.8 MB
(Mission) On Hell, 93:18, 10.7 MB
(Mission) On Heaven, 53:35, 6.1 MB
I found it to be very powerful (he kind of makes Father Corapi look mild) - but almost overwhelming and somewhat controversial at times. The conservative norvus ordo catholic might suspect he is not in union with the Holy See or his bishop, and I just want to verify this is not the case.

Also, any comments from folks who have heard this series are welcome. I’m curious to know what other’s think.

Peace in Christ,



A quick Google on the priest finds him well-connected. First thing that comes up is a video series from Keep the Faith. He appears to be legitimately orthodox and Catholic.


That Lenten Mission was preached a Fraternity of Saint Peter Parish. And if you don’t know the FSSP is a Priestly order devoted to the old Rome Rite Liturgy in every aspect. They were established by Pope John Paul II with the help of Cardinal Ratzinger in 1988 and given their name because of their fidelity to the Holy Father. Father Issac is Franciscan who is associated with the Fraternity. I believe that alone shows he is in perfectly good standing with the Church.


That is a great retreat. It was preached at the FSSP Church in Kansas City, KS. You can listen to the weekly sermon given at that Church here www.audiosancto.com They are some of the best and most instructive sermons you will find.


This is a very good Mission. I’m listening to the prelude right now.


I’ve listend to this at least two times now - it’s always good to get a jolt when you’re getting lukewarm.

I personally heard one of Fr. Isaac’s missions while he was still Novus Ordo about eight years ago. Word on the street is that he left the Franciscans he was with because he wanted to celebrate the TLM only. The Bishop of Kansas City incardinated him into his jurisdiction and I believe he’s been helping out with the FSSP ever since.

He caused such a ruckus in my old NO parish (albeit a well needed ruckus)- the reaction was similar to if you were to start a thread here on catholic.com on why women shouldn’t wear pants if you catch my drift.