Favorite Contemporary Catholic Songs

Hiya CAF,

I saw the idea of starting this thread in another thread. So what are your favorite contemporary songs used at Mass or other Sacred Liturgies?

I like

One Bread, One Body
Mass of Rememberance settings
Matt Maher music

Thanks and God bless.

We Remember
We Have Been Told
We Will Rise Again
We Walk by Faith
In This Place

There’s probably more that I can’t remember right at this moment. :smiley:

I’ll crack open the hymnal later.

Here I am Lord
One Bread, One Body
Ave Maria

I love “Gather Us In”! Beautiful lilting melody and thought-provoking, poetic words.

I also love “You Are Mine.” Another sweeping melody with touching words.

Also “Here I Am, Lord.” This song was so meaningful to my husband and me during the time that we were trying to decide whether to convert to Catholicism. This song was played at the Mass where the bishop welcomed the elect.

Here are mine:

I Received the Living God
Gift of Finest Wheat
God, We Praise You

As for Mass settings:

A Community Mass by the late Richard Proulx

I like many of those already mentioned…

Peace is Flowing Like a River is also a favourite of mine.

Here are a few lines…

Peace is flowing like a river,
Flowing out through you and me,
Spreading out into the desert,
Setting all the captives free.

I second your vote on this one.


“City of God”


“We are called, we are chosen” (first line; title escapes me).



I I love the allusions to Adam and Eve and the fall of man

*Here are mine:

I Received the Living God
Gift of Finest Wheat
God, We Praise You

As for Mass settings:

A Community Mass by the late Richard Proulx*
I have to second BG’s picks, with the addition of a few things:

There’s many more nice pieces by James Cheppronis, and composers like him, but none come to mind right now.

I’m not really a fan of contemporary Catholic music, but if I must…

  • Trust in the Lord
  • Something Which is Known
  • Celtic Alleluia (but only when it’s played on an organ)
  • Alleluia Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen Lord
  • Though the Mountains May Fall
  • Every Valley
  • Lead Me Lord
  • Jesus Christ is Risen Today (but that’s not really contemporary, given that it’s around 300 years old)

That’s Anthem, and it’s sooo [Inarcissisttic*.

*We are called; we are chosen
We are Christ for one another
We are promise for tomorrow, as we are for him today
We are sign; we are wonder
We are sower; We are seed.
We are harvest; we are hunger.
We are question; we are creed.

We’re like the fifth little piggy, and sing “We we we” :rolleyes:


FYI, that song is one of the songs featured here:

Here I am Lord
Servant Song
Ave Maria
On Eagle’s Wings
Be not Afraid
You are Mine
Yahweh, I know You are near.
I am the bread of life.

also growing up a Navy Brat I always liked
Eternal Father Strong to Save, (not sure if Catholic, but the Mass I attended growing up was on the Naval Base and we sang this one quite a bit as the recessional hymn.

The lyrics of this more fitting version (it’s more fitting because it doesn’t pretend to be a song for usage at Mass):

We are bald, we are frozen,
We throw mice at one another,
We are sometimes proud to borrow,
We are sometimes known to pay,
We are fine, we are awesome,
If you bring us, we shall bleep,
We avoid any bomber,
We are questioned, we are creed!

Just as a note, as of 2001, we are not to use any songs that have the name “Yahweh” in them. This is per Liturgiam Authenticam. I don’t want to be a downer here, but, I just wanted to inform y’all of the mandate from Rome.


In the Land There Is a Hunger Lynch
God of Day and God of Darkness Haugen/BEACH SPRING
One Love Released Frenzel/Keil
Three Days Ridge/THAXTED
Gather Us Together Alstott (I usually HATE the “gather-type” songs, but this one isn’t bad)
Taste and See Moore, Jr.
In the Breaking of the Bread Hurd
Behold the Lamb Willett
I Am the Bread of Life Toolan
The Servant Song Gillard
Gather and Remember Alstott/FINLANDIA
Be Not Afraid Dufford
Blest Are They Haas
O Beauty, Ever Ancient O’Connor
Now We Remain Haas

I did not know that. I have noticed that a lot of contemporary hymns have not been used lately. Am I late in observing this?

A lot of the hymns I listed just spark an emotional memory of some sort, especially ones of when I was an altar server.

I haven’t noticed a decrease in contemporary “hymns,” but rather an increase in songs written within the 90’s to present getting sung, whereas the ones from the 70s and 80s not getting sung. The interesting thing is, the majority of the songs from the 70s and 80s actually are based on the antiphons for the Mass, whereas a lot of the newer stuff is based on us singing about ourselves.

There are only two David Haas songs that I like:

We Have Been Told
Blest Are They

I prefer hearing Blest Are They as a purely instrumental piece played by a competent solo pianist.

I like

Take and Eat - Joncas
Without Seeing You - Haas
most anthems by Alan Pote
Great Cloud of Witnesses - can’t remember the composer
Only This I Ask - St. Louis Jesuits