Federal Gov offers free phones. NO phones given but personal info. out their somewhere

I’m hearing complaints that the Federal Gov. is giving out free phones for those needing help. People are giving them their personal info. and not getting the phones promised. People in my area are also wondering where all their personal info. went? Is their personal info. in a safe place? The group which were stationed at county facilities and community sites up and disappeared. :confused:

Given the rate of data breaches these days at best one can only hope that appropriate protections were taken to guard the data. That may not be the same as it being invulnerable though.

As a public librarian I encounter a lot of people seeking an “Obamaphone”. As far as I can tell there’s a federal program that pays for phones (250 minutes a month) for people on other welfare programs, but those seeking them have to sign up at participating vendors like Safelink Wireless or Assurance Wireless. There are at least two firms involved. They do send in personal information – I wince every time someone wants me to fax a copy of their social security card, driver’s license, or medicare cards to these companies. I’m sure the company itself is behaving itself – why not, as it’s getting money from the state? – but who knows who is picking up this information on the other side? All it takes is one person in an opportune spot willing to take advantage, and suddenly you’re being billed for furniture purchased across the country.

I agree and very possible!