Female masturbation

Females will understand this issue more so than a celibate male priest, but here goes…
With age, hormonal changes, and years of celibacy comes physical issues women must deal with. One of these issues is vaginal dryness. Some doctors actually recommend masturbation for women (particularly celibate women) to keep the vagina lubricated. Without natural lubrication there is tremendous discomfort… and not just during sex. Masturbation is generally addressed as a male issue but it is also a female one and in this instance not entirely done for sexual gratification but to relieve or help prevent a physical problem.

Having attended Catholic school prior to Vatican II our catechism stated for a sin to be mortal you had to know it was wrong, BELIEVE it was wrong and do it anyway. Many young people do not believe masturbation is a mortal sin because it keeps them from becoming sexually involved with another person… which is considered a grave sin outside of marriage. Also, in reading some of the statements about ALL sexual activity being reserved for marriage, I have to say that masturbation still takes place in most marriages. So is it considered a mortal sin for a person to masturbate in private if they are married?

There are exceptions made for females related to taking birth control pills if they have menstruation problems… since they are not being taken for the purpose of preventing conception. Is there a Catholic OBGYN out there or a priest who understands my point that there are other physical problems for women (some urinary) that can be relieved by methods the Catholic Church considers a sin?

I am not an OB/GYN, a priest, or a woman, but the general principle is that a physical therapy prescribed for medical reasons is not the same thing as deliberately manipulating the genitals for the purposes of auto-erotic stimulation. All the same, women with such a condition may wish to find out what other therapies may be effective for their condition.

There are products sold over the counter to relieve vaginal dryness and
of course a doctor would be able to answer questions and prescribe if
necessary for this or other problems that many of us may have as we
get older. I know this doesn’t answer your whole question.

It’s a sin no matter the reason or method.

Masturbation is a sin always. Check with your doctor, he or she should be able to prescribe something if your vaginal dryness is problematic.

Don’t count on that. I am a female and I don’t think starting a post out with disrespect towards priests is a good sign, ever.

There are treatments for this issue. We cannot give medical advice, but the internet contains a wealth of information.

One may never do an intrinsically evil act in order to achieve a good end. And, besides, you can treat the condition in other ways.

You are not remembering correct.

The Catechism does not now, nor did it ever state you have to “believe” something is wrong for it to be a mortal sin. You have to know it is wrong and you have to freely choose to do it. Either of these elements can be impared, and it would then be a venial sin. Choosing not to believe something is wrong when the Church clearly teaches it is has another name: self-delusion.

This isn’t actually an argument that supports anything other than the fact that people sin.

Yes, it is.

This is not an “exception.”

The Church allows medical treatment for a condition even if its secondary effect is sterility.

(1) Masterbation is not a medical treatment.
(2) There are legitimate treatments for the condition you describe.

Why would God design a human body then require that the person sin to keep that body healthy? He would not.

This is just some tale that the sex crazed world is telling women to encourage them to make this bad habit “normal”,