Fiat 90: The Female Exodus 90

If you’re a woman who’s looking for a tremendous spiritual, physical, and mental challenge, consider Fiat 90. It begins on February 13th and ends the day before May 13th, the anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. Note that like Exodus 90, it’s not for the faint of heart… I plan to adapt it to make it suitable for me with minor changes.


I did Nineveh 90 in 2018 and it was similar to this with respect to the prayer, novena, fasting 2 days a week etc. However, some of this stuff in this like “I will quit trying to multitask” is not practical. As much as I hate to make gender distinctions, women are made to multitask, we apparently evolved that way according to a mandatory training we all had to take on this at my work. And for me, getting rid of all social media would mean I spend 2 months talking only to my cats, my boss and my team at work. I also think they have so much going on in this program that it detracts a little bit from its value.

I’ll be interested what you think of it, but if it does not work for you, please consider Nineveh 90. It’s a much more realistic approach for busy adults, in my opinion.


I agree. I like the focus on Mary but as I said, I’d have to make some shifts to make it work for me. I actually liked the prohibition on multitasking – as a mom it feels like that’s a problem for me all day every day. But I’ve heard from some who completed Exodus 90 and HATED it. They felt it isolated them, which would be horrible for me.

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Intrigued with the idea. Would have to adapt a lot to fit my circumstances. I’m not thinking is right to be doing any kind of fast, though, during Easter’s octave so that’ll have to be sorted. Imma mull this over.

Here’s the Nineveh 90 basic program. It kind of leaves exercise up to the person doing it. I did pretty much everything except “limit computer time” and “bedtime prayers”. I have nothing against bedtime prayers, but by the time I go to bed I’m usually so tired I can barely think and I tend to fall asleep in the middle of prayers or just be unable to focus on them. I also didn’t do bread and juice fast because I already do a bread fast on Monday and more than one day a week on that is bad for me. I did an egg and grapefruit fast instead.


Hello. When you did this 90 day discipline what was the results or conclusions you experienced did you keep a journal?

I don’t journal. I did keep daily sheets but it was a check sheet I developed, just to check off that I fulfilled all the requirements and in addition did my regular daily prayers.

In addition, about 2 weeks from the end my husband all of a sudden dropped dead. I did finish the prayer program but I think I may have cut back a bit on the fasting. I still did Monday fasting, and the last several weeks the Fridays were in Lent/ Triduum so I did some fasting but not as extreme as I had been. I had also been going without coffee and tea, and I stopped doing that when husband died. I needed my coffee to get me through all what I had to do with the funeral and burial and so forth.

The main result for me was to get me in the habit of saying the Morning Offering and the Angelus (I was already doing Rosary frequently) and probably it also gave me the spiritual strength to cope with the big shock in my life. But in terms of increasing my holiness weekly, it didn’t do that in any way I could see. It may well have had effects of grace I did not perceive.

I already had a pretty strenous prayer life going when I started the program so it wasn’t a sudden moment of focusing more on God. The whole initiative was also a “Nineveh 90 for Life” where we were offering all our sacrifices for an end to abortion and to save babies, so it wasn’t just about us all getting holy.

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Hello . with the life style change of your husband death . it would be difficult to determine.
but if there was a change in your interior dialog your inner
voice or thought pattern?

No, this type of program isn’t about “interior dialog”. One of the problems I had with the program is that there were so many “tasks” to complete, as in pray this prayer and that prayer and don’t eat X and don’t drink Y and don’t do this other thing, that it actually added a lot of noise to my “interior dialog” rather than bringing me closer to Christ.

I think these programs may work well as a total immersion program for somebody who doesn’t have much prayer life or spiritual life or is in a spiritual rut. For them it would be kind of like, you know French from high school but you were never that great at it and now you’re kind of rusty, so let’s put you on a plane to France, drop you in some neighborhood for a month with no outside distractions (like no Internet or Skype to talk English to your friends), and you have to develop your French just to get through each day.
For those of us who already have a developed prayer life, it’s more like a diet or a behavior modification program, something that’s just kind of equal parts of pain and challenge. It’s not revelatory.

I’m currently doing a different spiritual exercise where I don’t do extreme fasting and umpteen prayers a day but I have one fairly long prayer I’m trying to say every day for a year, and think about it as i pray it. I think that’s going to be a more spiritually fruitful exercise than trying to keep track of 10 things I have to do while being hungry and unable to concentrate.


Our diocese is beginning Fiat 90 on Monday 1/13/2020. I’ve done Ninevah 90 for 3 years and found it fruitful.

I’m not a woman but is there a reason it starts the day before Valentine’s Day? Is this intentional?

As stated by the OP, Fiat 90 begins on February 13th in order to end on the day before the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

I did Nineveh 90 a few years ago in 2017. I was looking for another program and found this! Thank you for posting :blush: :heart:

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The female version of Exodus 90 is best found at mag90 dot com

it’s created to specifically address the feminine genius, including nursing or pregnant women. It is more holistic and features writings from the feminine genius saints and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

It was created after speaking with the director of mission on Exodus 90.

Fiat 90 was created to model Exodus 90 nearly identically, without talking with any Exodus 90 staffers, while Magnify 90 was created to be complementary.

Women and men are inherently different and as such, benefit from unique spiritual practices. The pursuit of virtue through the feminine genius <3

best wishes and prayers of peace and joy to anyone doing fiat 90, but I wanted to mention Magnify 90 as a more comprehensive option

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