First It Was Obama. Now It's Trump's Father

Trump seems to have a hard time figuring out where people were born.

Seriously, I really don’t understand why he keeps lying about stuff that he doesn’t have to lie about. What is he gaining by lying about where his father was born?


His sundowning is getting worse.


I could understand a slip of the tongue, or a momentary lapse in memory. But he went on and on, confirming he was not just misspeaking. He really has very little respect for the truth.


Maybe if it was something important than it would be worth caring about.

I think it’s pretty important that a guy who could launch nuclear missiles any time he pleases can’t remember where his father was born.


To be fair, he was conceived in Germany. The family arrived in America on July 1, 1905. Fred, Donald’s Father, was born on October 11, 1905.

Than he probably won’t remember That he has that power. Problem solved.

You mean he had “oranges” in Germany? :slight_smile:


Maybe if it was something important then it would be worth lying about. But it’s not important. He gains nothing by lying about this. He just can’t help himself.


Constant lies from the President of the United States are important. At least, to those with any sense of ethics.


I cannot understand why his supporters are willing to overlook the number of lies that the president tells on a daily basis. He seems to be getting worse. The recent “performance” at the fund raiser was surreal. He could start another career- stand up comedian! Except it’s not funny anymore.


A lawyer friend of mind told me this story. A CPA friend of his (probably his own CPA) suggested an efficiency study of his office. The lawyer told him it probably wouldn’t do him a lot of good. The CPA asked why. The lawyer responded (more or less as follows): “How efficient do you think you could be if you had an IRS agent checking everything you do every day and trying to block what you do? That’s what I live with because there’s always somebody on the other side trying to block everything I’m trying to do?”

The CPA abandoned the effort. Wonder how any of the righteous and perfect personalities on CAF would fare if they had a hostile media watching their every move and critiquing their every sentence.


As long as we speak the truth in love, admit and apologize for mistakes, resolve to amend our lives when we sin, we would all fare pretty well.


It’s not even just the lies anymore, it’s the general detachment from reality. With wind power you won’t have electricity when the wind isn’t blowing. “Someone’s going to leak this whole d–n speech to the media,” said during a speech that was being televised live. Every day it’s something else. If this were a Democrat, Republicans would be holding hearings on his mental health.


If you want to be nitpicking then it could be.

Well, based on the track record of the last several presidents, I guess we have just gotten used to lies.

Objecting to constant dishonesty is “nitpicking?” Thanks for the warning that you place no value on truth.


There’s hardly a need for it. His reputation as a liar is well known.

Hardly a reason not to maintain some standards and refuse to see it as acceptable. But hey, you do you.

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It’s not like that actually does anything about the issue.