For those who want to stop masturbation

i dont really know which is the right place to post this. i think evangelization would be a good place.

the reason i joined this forum is because my life has become sad and sinful because of masturbation. i feel like a foolish person who is a pervert and ungrateful to God.

I love God. This is because why i joined. i want to stop masturbation because it is a SIN. my life was happy before i actually started. i would never forget those moments in high school. but when i started masturbation, i became addicted to it. it cant resist myself to touch my privates and so i pray to God that He will give me guidance, help me resist temptation. i go to church and pray to Him and to Jesus. i want to get rid of my sinful life. masturbation made my life sadder than ever. i tell myself that i will stop it, promised myself too many times yet i continue to do it.

my only joy is when i go to school, since im still in high school. when i remember those times i cry, because i havent masturbated ye.i thank God for everything He gives to me. most of the happiest moments of my life were before i became an addict. its like an a cage which is very hard to escape. but i know it IS possible because of God and His son, Jesus. i have been tormented by those people who say “its normal” or “everybody does it”. i will wait for the day to come when i will finally be free from masturbation.

now, the reason i told all those who would want to stop masturbation is that, let us pray to God and promise ourselves. allow God to have us and guide us. ask strength, fervor and perseverance from Him. whenever we fail, get up and pray to God, but do not allow ourselves just to be weak. being weak was my greatest mistake before. let us all trust God, no matter what. stop ourselves from being sinful. end masturbation now.

even as i write this post, my eyes have been wet with tears, because of regret and sadness. i continue to pray, worship, trust and most of all, love God because He is the one who supplies me with happiness. i love Him, like most of us do.

have a good day.


This article may help. It is an article by someone that struggled with masturbation as well.

Remember we all are sinners. It is showing tremendous faith to post a plea for help on this issue. Understand that you are not alone (I went thru this issue myself), and your faith in God will get you thru. Issues like this are habit forming. The best way to break a habit is to change your routine a little. Stay away from all things that are linked with the issue.

Good luck, and God Bless. You will be in our prayers.


I know this is 6 years from this post, but I wanted to say thank you for starting this thread. Right now, I’m going through the same problem, and I’m so glad to hear relatable words of advice. You’re right, being weak is the worst mistake. None of us should ever give in, because we’re more than that. Instead, I will be strong in God.

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I had a similar experience. Well I have the answer on how to stop masturbation, the answer is to pray the rosary and visit the blessed sacrament every day. Every time you feel the temptation of masturbation pray the rosary right away it will divert your attention and God will give you the graces to stop because you are praying. The rosary is the most powerful weapon to get rid of temptation. There is a really good video that I saw on youtube about this guy talking about the rosary of how it can get rid of temptation and tons of miracles happen if you keep praying the rosary. Here is the video, hope this helps.

watch more of his videos they have lots of information of the Catholic faith that a lot of people don’t know about.

I will never understand why people torture themselves with this,
Go outside and enjoy life, , you have the gift of life, move on,

It’s too easy for someone not suffering from a compulsion to fail to understand someone who does and offer pert bromides.

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However one shouldn’t be made to feel inordinately guilty for falling to a temptation most of us have wrestled with, or continue to wrestle with, at some time or another.

Most of these sorts of posts focus on the prospect of hell, but fail to recognize the power of God’s mercy to all of us who sin. We see plenty of posts about people fearful they’re going to hell for masturbating, but I don’t recall every seeing one about someone fearing hell for cheating on taxes, for instance.

We need to put things in perspective, recognize that we are all sinners and all truly dependent on the mercy of God, and ask for that mercy regularly through sacramental confession. Self-control will only come through recognition and reliance on that mercy and full confidence and trust in the Lord’s salutary work on the Cross for us. If don’t rely on that mercy we turn inwards to self-loathing. There is no need to loathe one’s self for our tendency for this or that sin. There is plenty to love in ourselves as well (I’m not talking about egotistical self-love but self-acceptance). After all God manages to love us unconditionally and so too should we be more at peace with one’s self.

As my confessor says, God isn’t expecting a perfect result, but He is expecting an honest effort. But we can’t give Him that effort unless we focus more on His mercy and less on His wrath. Ultimately, “perfect” contrition is when we’re sorry because we’ve offended someone we love, not when we’re sorry because we fear the punishment.

Many addicts try to fix the addiction themselves (including me). They say, well I was weak. I wasn’t strong enough. I should have prayed more frequently for more strength.

In my experience though, the answer is not in strengthening one’s willpower. It is really the opposite - surrendering to God that I cannot beat this alone. It is admitting that self-reliance fails, not just in the addiction but in all aspects of life.

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Yes, but note that the OP feels guilty all on his own and is asking for help. “Get over it!” is not serious help.

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