Fr. Corapi vindicated?


I don’t want to get in a discussion about this, but be careful posting about him. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m just saying be careful.


How would this vindicate him?



fhansen, maybe someone told him to go get married?

Wow? How would that vindicate him? Even if they told him that what would be the reason? Some conspiracy nonsense?

I think he was indirectly saying ‘he was told to get married’?

vindicated might not be a great word…maybe validated?

Who is the little nun with a big mouth? Someone specific?

How, exactly, do the sins of others ‘vindicate’ John Corapi?


What happened?

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I thought it was St Catherine of Siena, based on how she yelled at Pope Gregory XI to get out of Avignon and move back to Rome.

I never trusted Fr Corapi, even before the investigation. He was too reminiscent of a revival preacher in a tent show. He just left a bad feeling with me. I don’t know if all the allegations are true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are.


Mother Angelica


this is a really weird you tube. i don’t know if it is 10 years old or 10 days old

corapi looks fairly young in the video

the guy messed up big time

as a former HUGE fan, i think father corapi belongs to be where he is; in obscurity (and off the internet & ewtn)


check out a couple of the interviews father corapi did with father pacwa on ewtn during corapi’s final days of legitimacy

there were definitely some serious cracks in the hull…

Thanks Casilda
I had a hunch.

Her thoughts reflect mine.

Brian Custer,
We never know how we will be when a heavy cross bears down. From all accounts, it seems to me that Fr. Corapi was burdened much of his life…perhaps for a moment like the one captured in that video.

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Father Corapi is not vindicated. His order (SOLT) has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing that we know of.

I think people need to let Father Corapi go. Pray for him, but stop following the cult of personality that he once had. There are plenty of other priests and Catholic speakers out there worth listening to.


I heartily second this wise advice.


Wat were those cracks? I have not seen the video yet…

Check this out, people.


Yes, the title of that article Maxirad says it all and it is something to take to heart, for all people and not just for priests. Orthodoxy does NOT necessarily equate to holiness. God knows the truth, and a whole lot of hypocrites will be revealed in God’s time.


…and many saints struggled with sin. Who knows how many times or how often they hit the confessional?
Why does this thread need to roll Fr. Corapi though the grist mill?

Getting back to the gist of the thread…there were some outstanding individuals that clearly and accurately understood the times we live in.

"We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through. I do not think that wide circles of American society or wide circles of the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel.

We must be prepared to undergo great trials in the not-too-distant future; trials that will require us to be ready to give up even our lives, and a total gift of self to Christ and for Christ. Through your prayers and mine, it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it. How many times has the renewal of the Church been brought about in blood! It will not be different this time."

  • Cardinal Karol Wojtyła, 1976, Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia