Gay activists pressure corporations to withdraw funding for pro-marriage charities

Major U.S. companies that had offered consumers the ability to donate a portion of their purchase to faith-based charities are now under pressure from gay activists to end their support for any charities that support traditional marriage.

The activists are taking aim at the Charitable Give Back Group (CGBG), formerly known as the Christian Values Network, an online shopping network that supports Christian family organizations such as the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family.

The organization’s website provides links to retailers who will donate a percentage of the purchases made through those links to a participating charity of the customer’s choice.

While CGBG continues to receive support from major retailers such as Walmart and Target, some companies have backed away from the organization after petitions posted by gay activists on and garnered thousands of signatures.

:thumbsup: Excellent article, Ab! Really shows what they’re truly up to (and applies directly to a “battle” I’m waging at FB). Thanks for posting it.

Good to hear that Walmart and Target at least have their priorities.

They won’t be happy until heterosexual marriage is outlawed completely, and the only legal unions will be same-sex ones.

I do not understand why civil unions is not the thing being pushed for. That, at least, would make more rational sense.

I agree. While I don’t support civil unions, it at least makes a more rational case. It is obvious that the gay lobby isn’t content with having the same legal coverage, as some activists falsely claim. They won’t stop short until they force everyone to accept their unholy unions as “marriage.”

Exactly. Seems obvious to me.

With a gay population of around 2% most major corporations can handle the math involved here, even if they don’t do it for the right reasons.

Ultimately this is an attempt to make homosexual “marriage” on the same level as normal marriage. More secularization, more moral relativism. :shrug::shrug: