George W Bush Call to Unity

Whether you agree with his politics or not, he is a humble, self aware, comforting person.

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Much better ex-President!

Most of them are. Good for him.

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He just won’t even try.

How dare he comfort a nation and not say anything to help me!

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I like when he mentioned empathy and kindness.

And Trump has to throw in his ugliness.


Holy smokes it is about him again.

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Bush has a podcast called “The Strategerist”. That level of self awareness and self deprecation is so welcome in a leader. For those that don’t know, Bush famously mangled the language and at one point coined the word stategery.

If you ever catch George W and Bill Clinton together on panels, they are a riot.


I think George W. Bush is a basically decent man.

Some of his decisions were wrong.


Appointing John Roberts to the Supreme Court was his biggest mistake in my opinion. Justice Roberts isn’t exactly a reliable pro-life vote in the Supreme Court.

I do agree he was a pretty decent man though.

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