Get ready to change the channel and stop giving Donald Trump the attention he craves

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I am a part of this problem.

uh huh

But my point is we have an opportunity to do better.

Most Definitely

To learn from the past. To ignore Trump and get back to reality.

Boycott anything that displays Trump?

What’s someone going to do when he’s asked not to think about something? Right. Sorry for posting.

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The question is who is going to continue to give Trump air time after he has left office?

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Certainly not CAF. :slight_smile:


Even Fox has been cooling off.

Unfortunately, Trump will get plenty of air time after his presidency comes to an end. He attracts viewers, which attracts advertising dollars. Not to mention the probability that he already has his own program or maybe even his own network in the works. Sadly, we’ll probably be living with Trump in one form or another until the day he draws his last breath.

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