God's consoling Wisdom

I have been deeply saddened and angered at the truly vile things I have been reading in the Comments sections of various sites covering our new Pope (I usually know better than to go there; nevertheless, I just wanted to gauge all sorts of reactions). But God was very good to me today: I just looked up the readings for today, and although I can’t post a link, check out the first reading: Wisdom 2:1a, 12-22. Game on!:yup:

Yes the honeymoon with the Media & the Pope lasted about 24hrs. Now the media will distort their so-called journalism for the rest of his Pontiff.

It’s pure militant secularism at full force vs the Catholic Church.

There is no sense to this but the media is causing my faith to grow stronger. And, I am more certain more ever that this choice was entirely the doing of the Hoy Spirit. I am exited to watch what happens next. It is a great time to be Catholic.

I certainly understand. Much of the world denies his primacy and of course feels he has unsurped the role of Christ. Given that is their though of the doctrine I understand their grave concerns. None the less I am fascinated they even spend time commenting on the situation…they just can’t resist :)) I like it.,…they are watching and some will be converted to Catholicism.

Nice readings indeed for today.