Going to work, etc., when sick

When I am sick (i.e., have the common cold or something like that) I still go to Mass and the store. I also go to work (I work at a uniformy company and handle about two to three thousand pieces of work each day that others will handle)

I don’t take work off at these times (even though I live with my parents and have no bills at the moment), because I really do not wish to miss work (or Mass).

Obviously, to the extent possible I try to make sure I don’t spread any germs. However, the thought occured to me: have I been doing something wrong by doing this? Would it be a mortal sin for me to continue doing this?


Unless you intentionally mean to pass on illness you are not committing a sin by going to work or Mass with a cold. However, you might want to stay home from Mass because there you will be in close proximity with others, especially infants and the elderly, who may become sicker than you would if they caught your virus. If you don’t come into direct contact with people at work and can do your job, then go to work. But, use tissues, cover your mouth when you cough, and wash your hands frequently.