Good Catholic reference book for demonology or the occult?

I’m trying to find a good Catholic reference book for both (or either) demonology and the occult, preferably something I can add to my Amazon wishlist for Christmas.:slight_smile: The more up to date, the better (e.g. references to modern occult practices, like New Age mysticism, included).

Any suggestions?

You know about these?

Yeah, those are already on my wish list. Does the author go into depth about the depth or structure of the demons doing the possession, or is it more accounts of getting rid of that stuff?

Also, I’d be interested in anything detailing witchcraft, black masses, etc from the Catholic perspective. That sort of thing. Most of the books I find on the topic are terribly dated.

The first book covers both. I have yet to read the second. However, Fr. Amorth is merely speaking from his personal experience. “Demonology” is very difficult subject because demons can react in such different ways. The book provides the reader with information about past exorcisms and behavior of demons, though he says expressly that each case is different and there can be no set strategy for overcoming the demon. If you are looking for a book which will tell you exactly how demons behave under certain circumstances, you will not find it because of the complexity and changeableness of this subject.

Malachi Martin’s Hostage to the Devil.

Its better than a Stephen King novel.

There is a lot of truth in Hostage to the Devil. Having been in an exorcism (part of a team), I can say, on the whole, the book vibrates as truth. There is no set way of performing an exorcism…other than the rite of exorcism. But there is so much more than the rite.