Grace before Wedding Reception Meal

A friend of mine will be attending her nephew’s wedding in July and the bride has given her the role of saying Grace before the Wedding Reception Meal.

She would like to make it something special and include something about the couple, but needs help, so I had the bright idea of posting a thread here because I know that there must be some posters who can inspire her.

Please, please chime in with examples of suitable prayers you either said yourselves or heard at a wedding you attended.


The following link has some great wedding blessings that she could use or might inspire her.


Generous God, giver of all good gifts,
we praise and thank you for N. and N.
and for allowing us to witness their love.
May the joy of this gathering and the food we share
be signs to us of your constant love.
Bless us and the food we eat
and give us grateful hearts to sing your praise
now and for ever. AMEN.

thats a pretty interesting link. i got asked to say grace before the meal at a wedding last year. it was for a couple protestant friends. i just did the standard “Bless us o Lord…” they liked it, i even had a number of people coming up to me asking where i came up with it, guess their group hadnt head it before.

either way if it were me, i’d stick with the standard, but thats more just cause thats how i like to do it.

Phemie, thanks for that prayer - I like it, and will pass it on to my friend.

OldRedLeg, thanks for the link - I printed out the Wedding blessings and will pass it on.

I knew I would get some inspiration here! Many thanks.

I knew i would find my answer here! I am giving the prayer before the reception meal this Saturday at my daughter’s wedding. I will compose something using both our traditional 'Bless us O Lord" and parts of Phemie’s prayer. thank you!