Greek/Latin Easter Greeting?

A few Easters ago my priest greeted us in Greek. He said it translates to “Christ is risen.” And there was also a proper response. Something like “He is indeed risen.”

What is it and is there a Latin version?

“Christos anesti!”

and the response is: “Alithos anesti!”

Which according to means “Christ is Risen!” “And has appeared unto Simon”, but that response sounds a little short to say all that.

The Latin version is “Surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia!”

to which the response is “Et apparuit Simoni, alleluia!” Which means “The Lord is risen indeed, alleluia!” and “and hath appeared unto Simon, alleluia!”

You’re also allowed to respond “Deo Gratias!” which means “Thanks be to God!”

These are taken from here:

muchas thank you

The most common Easter greeting is this:

Latin: Christus resurrexit!
Greek: Christos anesti!
English: Christ is risen!

To which one responds:

Latin: Vere resurrexit!
Greek: Alithos anesti!
English: Indeed He has risen!

But then there is this, less common greeting, which is taken from Luke 24:34:

Surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia!
The Lord is risen indeed!

To which one responds:

Et apparuit Simoni, alleluia!
And hath appeared unto Simon!

Such greetings are superb traditions, replete with meaning and significance, which are seldom heard anymore – even in traditional circles! We should all make a point of incorporating little things like this into our lives, or constantly reminding and immersing ourselves in the Truths of our Faith!

“Christos anesti!”

Stephen Colbert shouted this on his show last night, which brought a rowdy whoop of elation from myself, which in turn earned me a concerned look from my mother. I was like 'Score! Subtle Guerilla-Catholicism! Yes!"


i am looking for similar traditional greetings used in slovakia, ireland, italy, france and belgium (flemish). can anyone help.

thanks and happy easter.


Russian version: “khristos voskryes–vo-istinye voskryes.”

Arabic version: “al-masiih qaama–haqiiqan qaama.”


Happy Easter in
Latin = Prospera Pascha sit
French =Joyeuses Pâques
italian = Buona Pasqua

thanks et Prospera Pascha sit.