Happy Fathers Day!

To all you dads out there-rock and roll! Happy fathers day!

I think it is most fitting and meet that Father’s Day falls upon the Feast of the Holy Trinity.

Happy father’s day to you fathers out there. You will be in my prayers at Mass today.

Happy Father’s Day to all the priests, bishops, and to the Holy Father out there. You will be in my prayers at Mass today.

God, the Father, thank you for everything. May I always be pleasing to you.

God bless.

My Daddy is gone from this earth, has been gone since 1993. I pray that he is in Heaven now and that I will see him again some day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers on CAF!


Happy Father’s Day! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thanks, my youngest made me a card that was very thoughtful and the whole family signed it. He also made me an airplane out of his new socks…cut them up and taped them all together.:smiley:

Happy Father’s Day to you too.

If you got a great Father’s day card, you might want to post it here (and check out the one I got last year):



I would like to wish everyone here a Happy Father’s Day as well. Even if your lives are not always the easiest, and your children are sometimes a trial and tribulation, you are the most fortunate people in the world.

My wife and I went to visit her sister today. They have two children, one of whom was being baptized (in a Protestant Church, they are not Catholic), and a third on the way. The father is run ragged, trying his best to keep up with work (to pay all the bills), getting as much overtime as he can (everything’s getting more expensive these days, including the kids) and take care of his children, who are often argumentative, whiny and complaining. I am horrified sometimes at the way he is disrespected by them, but keep my mouth shut, as they aren’t my kids. Still, despite all these difficulties, he is a Father, and has earned my admiration and respect for the difficult work that all Dads do.

God Bless You All.