Has anyone seen the new movie cinderella?

has anyone seen the new movie that came out in theatres yet??? I did and it was good.

I liked the animated version better. I didn’t care for this one as much. The stepmother and stepsisters not ugly enough!!! Lol

I thought it was good, but I liked the original more because of the songs.

I started a thread about this in March: forums.catholic-questions.org/showthread.php?t=951205.

No thanks.


I can’t picture seeing a better movie this year.

I did and loved it. After Frozen, Maleficient and Big Hero 6, I was beginning to think Disney would never again make a good movie, but I really liked this one.

Fr. Robert Barron has provided commentary concerning the new Cinderella movie.

Yes, this is why the movie is superior to the animated version, as nice as that was. The emphasis was on Cinderella’s virtue not on talking animals nor on the physical ugliness of the stepsisters. The only ugliness is within hearts, not of bodies or faces. The temporal things have little importance. Cinderella is fine with being poor, but she cannot abide injustice done to her and to others.

This is indeed the best picture to come out of Disney for ages, and we have Kenneth Branagh to thank for this more faithful interpretation, for the same man who gave us such wonderful adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays respects the original material–not trying to shoehorn it into modern sensibilities, but rather allowing us to see it through the eyes of faith, hope, and love, which is at the heart of the story.