Hearing one's name called - clearly

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the place to ask this question. About once a month I hear my name spoken/whispered, sometimes urgently. The strange thing is, there is no one there. I don’t really see how this could be my imagination. It’s also unmistakably clear. Does anyone else experience this? Is it dangerous? Should
I pray for help and protection when this happens? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks. Yours in Christ, ~cawbs

Have you been praying about anything, thinking about a problem intently asking for help?

Haven’t heard my name called but twice I’ve had an answer while asleep and the voice and message was strong enough to wake me up. When awake, I was able to realize what was said was the answer to my question.

What would your name mean? Does someone else have your name and you are to go to him/her? Are you being called to pray, go back to Church, maybe examine the life of a saint whose name you share?

Your first thought when you hear voices shouldn’t be of demons, danger and messages from the invisible. It should be an introspection as to what could be causing you to hear them. Are you stressed lately? heavy thoughts causing you undue loss of sleep? Insomniac? Taking new medications?
There are many things that might cause you to hear voices, if you simply can’t find the source, then I suggest that you seek help. Whatever is causing you to hear these voices can be explained with the proper help. Stress, lack of sleep, and new medications are usually the problems.

Good luck to you.


Does this happen when about to fall asleep? Several months back I used to hear the sound of a horse in my ear when falling asleep.My psychiatrist clams that this normal, and nothing to worry about.

What is the general mood or feeling when you hear this ? Is it fear or dread ?

It would creep me out big time, as I would think most folks would be totally psyched out by such a thing.

However, God did speak to some folks, and they are peaceful and calm about it.

Some lady in Europe could hear folks in Purgatory, requesting prayers or masses for their deliverance.

Voices can be demonic or otherworldly both good or bad or they may be real or a product of stress or imagination. When we think, we have an inner voice that reflects our thinking process. Most times, we should be able to tell the difference between that voice and some sound that is external. Maybe something has blurred that distinction for you.

Just last night I thought I heard my wife call me. She didn’t, but we needed to talk.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Your name is the most common proper noun you hear all the time. I think you are trying to call your attention to something. I’m not too sure though.

Never heard my name called, been aware of being told something but it was a very different experience. A very sound piece of advice I was given a few months back was when praying just ask God the question, leave it in the air. Don’t expect an answer there and then, but ask and keep listening. If it is God trying to tell you something he won’t give up.

Hope that helps.

God bless,


Ignore it and talk to a spiritual director avbout it. Physical locutions are easy for a devil to do, and i am assuming that you are not diagnosed with schitzophrenea.
St. John says that ignoring visions and locutions- even though they come from God- do not hinder the soul in any way, but paying attention to them -even the ones from God- can lead the soul astray because human beings cannot fully understand God what God is communicating because His language is so different from our own.
Also, he says that God’s word is so powerful, effecting what it says, that it produces the effect in the soul at once, and so ignoring the (instrumental cause) way in which God says/ shows it cannot harm you at all.
Pray for the locutions to cease.