Help! Discerning Career

I’m going to university next year. Although I have a fairly good idea on what I want to do (including long term plans for grad school and jobs), I suddenly feel nervous that I might be making a terrible mistake. I think my fears are irrational (I’m known to be panicky :o) but I’m still worried. How did you come to choose your current career?

Any prayers you could offer up for me would be very helpful as well. I would appreciate if you have any suggestions as to prayers/novena/etc.

Thank you and God bless.

I’m in the same situation. I’ll be praying for you.

It’s fine even if you should change your major down the road. My son did that…he started with electrical engineering, and then switched to chemical. amd it was the right choice for him.

If you’re just entering the university, then you can relax a little bit. Some universities make you declare a major right at the start, but not all of them do. Even if you do have to declare right away, you still have time to change your major later on if you choose to. (I changed majors three times during my time in the university.) Usually your first two years are mostly doing pre-requisite stuff that everyone has to do in order to get any degree. You’ll have a few electives where you can try out courses in areas that you think you might enjoy. Explore some of the clubs that interest you on campus. It’s a good way to get some information about jobs, but without having to take an actual course on it.

Think about what interests you, first. Don’t go into business if it’s completely boring to you, even though you can get a good job with that degree. Same goes for any other field of study. If you have no interest in it, you’re not going to enjoy a job in that field.

Changing Majors is fairly common, load up on basics and sprinkle in classes from your major.