Help with Altar Serving

Well, yesterday I was approached by the priest at my home parish (home meaning HOME - not where I worship during the academic year) and he asked me if I wanted be an altar server. So I told him I will be leaving soon but then I realized that I’m still there this Sunday and I told him I would come.

Soooo, I’m really nervous now. To be honest, this is the first time I’ll ever altar serve and I feel weird and I’m afraid I’ll mess up somehow (I’m good at it, haha). I hope I’m not the only one there this week because if I am I will have to actually help the priest - and that’s not good. It’s one thing going to mass and watching others doing it and it’s something else actually doing it all alone. Mommy, mommy help!

So ye, any advice? And in the case of emergency (that is I will have to take an active part during the mass to help the priest) where can I study the things altar servers have to do…between today and tomorrow? :eek: :smiley:

In Christ!

PS: It’s NO
PSII: If someone has a video of a NO mass that I could watch to pay attention to all the detail, that would be absolutely perfect! :thumbsup:

I have been an alter server for around 11 years and have found that generaly the priest will help you out when you are lost. Try searching for “alter server training”, using the search option at the top of you forum web page.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum