HIV positive priest, 68, 'solicited sex from park ranger before pleasuring himself in public'

Another sad story. Mentally ill priests (I am assuming it is mental illness, or addiction) probably should not be practicing. Praying for all involved.

Since the cause of actions are probably mental illness then we should be praying for him rather than publicizing his name across the forum.

Nor should we be linking to the Daily Fail whose sole purpose in life is to titillate and stoke up scandal.

It’s also in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Very depressing. It says nothing of mental illness.
Pray for all involved. Hopefully no one will leave the Church over this. It’s really getting to be too much for some people. May God, in His mercy, put an end to all of this.

You would have to be mentally ill to “pleasure yourself” in public!

All you would have to be is a person greatly lacking in self-control.

(Depends on what your definition of mental illness is.) In any case, Yes, he needs our prayers, as does anyone who has come to identify so dominantly with lust that their sense of time and place and proportion has become distorted. More than anything, he is spiritually ill and probably only God can heal him.

It truly is getting too much for many people. I don’t know when our lady of Fatima will come to the rescue and give us a turnabout. This is clear when you get into a conversation or debate. People are fine until you defend the Catholic Church and then they all come together to refute you because the church is becoming more and more hateful to others with the focus of these bad individuals and no focus on the holy people. Many have dismissed it already in their heart and mind and will not open even an inch if you try to say something positive. For some it is like giving an open ear to a religion like KKK or nazi. Then you have the proliferation of stories about the church deeds in the Middle Ages and wars and inquisitions and other bad things by popes in Middle Ages, you have poor education of Catholics, you have rules that are harder and harder to live in the culture though they are true. This is very difficult. I read this prophecy sometimes to give me hope that things will turn around in the near future:

Or obsessed, possessed, addicted to lust or just depraved. Only God knows. There is such a thing as sin.

He was evidently able to handle a parish without much of a problem.

Either way, the damage done is incalculable. Of course we must pray for his soul, but not neglect the resulting spiritual sufferings, disgust, scandal and loss of faith.

In reality, it is God’s mercy that these things are being caught and dealt with. Someone and his minions are being cast out. It’s a purification of the Church. I hope that, if there are any more priests like this who have not yet been dealt with, that they will repent and turn away from all of this treachery, get the help they need OR LEAVE THE PRIESTHOOD.

Amazingly, priests like this actually heard the confessions of others. Did it not faze them?
They celebrated Mass and preached the Gospel every day. Did that not faze them in any way?

Those who think they will never be caught are so mistaken. Don’t they know that God is ever-present, that He sees and knows all of this? Do they think they can dupe Him? Or are they only priests in disguise, playing the role, but actually having no faith? Do they think that those whom they have harmed will never report it, or those whom they have had consensual relations with will never repent of it and then report it? How do they think they can get away with this? Even if they get away with it in this life, they will never escape justice in the next life. They must repent, turn away from all of that completely, and leave the active priesthood. The damage is done. They should go to a far off monastery and do penance for the rest of their lives. They have not only offended God, damaged the Church and themselves, but have harmed other people and caused many to fall.

May God, in His infinite mercy, deliver us from all of them. I realize that this is what He is doing, but I beg of Him that the end of it all is near., that He will keep those involved from final impenitence, and bring back the sheep who were lost because of all of this.

The alleged crime was committed on the vigil of Our Lady of Fatima, and the parish feast day is day after tomorrow (Ignatius of Antioch). May Our Lady and St. Ignatius pray for all involved, and in a special way for the 350 children of the parish school who will be forever marked by this alleged event…, the details of which they should not have even be exposed to at so young an age…

I’ve been having to log in repeatedly today, even without leaving the sight. Odd.

So gay pride float riders and Miley Cyrus are mentally ill?

Do you think they are?

Wow. What an ignorant and misleading statement to lump together thousands of decent people, and their straight allies, who have participated in gay rights marches and parades with a tiny few who may have behaved inappropriately.

Really! you think it is a small percentage acting badly. When I watched these parades the majority were far from decent and the so called decent ones were still out to lunch. ither your naieve, or liberal princess mindset has blinded you to want indecency and outright perversion truly is.