Homeschool your kids

It’s the only choice.


I wouldn’t say it’s the “only” choice, but very often, it is the best choice.

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homeschooling too!

Sometimes it may be hard.


To protect my children from things like being exposed to pornography at 7 years old first and foremost, but also to give them a more tailored education to their individual interests and learning styles, and avoid 6 hours of wasted time stuck at a desk every day.

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Homeschooling can easily be done in four hours a day tops, including independent work. And you are right, it can be tailored to the child.

This cartoon, which I found last night, absolutely nails my son’s experience at his former so-called “Catholic” school:


My son never had an obviously Catholic homeroom teacher until he was in Grade 5 — the Grade 3 homeroom teacher’s Catholicism was ambiguous, and all the others were Protestants, “who’s Catholic and who isn’t” was kept as blurry as possible. You knew better than to bring it up. Couldn’t afford to alienate all the non-Catholics who didn’t want to send their kids to, ahem, “urban” public schools.

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Still it amounts to personal preference and capability to choose to home school. It isn’t the only choice as the OP asserts. Our two most modern young potential Saints, Bl. Carlo Acutis and Bl.Allessandra Sabattini both had mainstream schooling.

I’ve done homeschooling, private, and public schooling. They all come with trade-offs. Homeschooling can be wonderful. It can also be thankless work and psychologically draining. In my area, the Catholic homeschool community is really clique-ish and can hard to fit into if you’re not a conservative rad-trad family. That left my kids feeling isolated and starved for friendships. Right now, I have one in a charter school and two in a hybrid program (3 days there, 2 at home). I will say definitively that they learned the most in homeschool.

I’ve never encountered pornography in a first grade classroom and am not about to speculate that it’s there without evidence.

No need to speculate, more headlines every day. It’s quite old news at this point:

I apire to fit into “conservative rad-trad communities”, as they actually live by the truth. Being a parent is thankless work, why are you looking for thanks? Be grateful to God for your role.

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Wow. What school was that shown in?

I apire to fit into “conservative rad-trad communities”, as they actually live by the truth.

I don’t require thanks, but I’m also done being a doormat. You may worship as you prefer, as long as it’s licit with the Church. But clique-ishness and exclusion are uncharitable and never OK.

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The Dalton School has been sketchy for years. They hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach the young ladies, without any teaching credentials. They taught the philosophy of Ayn Rand. If you sent your children there, you knew you’d be getting some pretty non Christian stuff.

They hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach the young ladies


I’ve just seen a truck accident. Please stop with the nonsense.

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