Homosexual Agenda verses Abuse of Power Agenda

I agree with Archbishop Colleridge that the abuse crisis has its real genesis in pederasty (though he didn’t use that word), and not in homosexual deviancy. We know that pederasty has infiltrated societies since ancient records have existed as a means of gaining cultish control to destroy natural healthy hierarchical models. It’ll be interesting to follow the outcome of the upcoming gathering in Rome.

They both have infiltrated our society. I see the problem as both/and, due to the relationship between the two.


The Archbishop of Brisbane, Archbishop Colleridge, said that he and many others would reject these two Cardinal’s critique. He goes on to say that as far as he and Pope Francis can see, the problem is abuse of power.

But as far as addressing the problem of the abuse of minors by Priests in the Church, the critical aspect is the power culture and how pederast ideology can flourish within that.

The two Cardinals aren’t being collegial in the tradition of the Church and it’s a problem that prevents effective action to resolve the problem. The reporter mentioned possible changes in Canon Law and I’m guessing that will be to do with absolutely forcing civil law involvement in all Priestly criminal behavior.

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